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No one relishes the idea of homework, but when it comes to massage, the work you do between appointments can pay big dividends. In fact, the benefits of massage therapy go well beyond the time one spends on the table.

A massage therapist is not a replacement for your doctor, since they can’t prescribe treatment. What massage therapists can do, however, is use their breadth of knowledge about the human body, particularly the musculoskeletal system, to provide simple suggestions that make a big difference. This is where the “homework” comes in.

A common ailment that sends people in for a massage is lower back pain. Many people who suffer from lower back pain have tension below the knee that exacerbates it. A trained and licensed massage therapist may suggest wearing supportive shoes with arch support regularly for better results, or recommend rolling a tennis ball under the foot to stretch it out. Another suggestion may be to use a foam roller to improve range of motion and relieve muscle tension pain from almost any area of the body.

Your therapist might also recommend yoga. Yoga is one practice that historically complements massage.  It focuses on breathing, stretching and poses, which can provide active recovery and a Zen effect that comes with tuning into your own breathing. The same can be said for massage. Combining a yoga practice with regular massage can improve your strength and overall feeling of calm. Basic yoga poses like “downward facing dog” or “child’s pose” are simple, yet effective, tools for in-between massage appointments.

Eric Stephenson, director of education at iMassage.com and a continuing education consultant for Elements Massage, is a strong believer in this type of homework and advocates for therapists to make recommendations that can benefit their clients. Additionally, he says, “a therapist will have an excellent sense about when a client should return, be it in two weeks or monthly.” Occasionally there may even be a reason to rebook sooner, if the client is interested in intensive work on one area or to perhaps, book a longer session if the client has several areas to focus on.

The benefits of massage therapy go well beyond the time one spends on the table. Listen to your therapist after a massage for helpful tips on how to make the most of the experience. It may be as simple as recommending hydration after a massage, and every day for that matter, for optimal health,

Massage therapists aren’t magicians, but you might feel as if they work magic when you feel better after a massage. The homework given, especially the stretching exercises in between appointments, could result in your body having less issues “to work out” the next time. Your massage therapist, and your body, will thank you!

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