"See You There": Offers Suggestions for Weekend Activities and More

The ability to know what is going on for local entertainment and things to do is not as easy as it used to be when print newspapers issued upcoming events. Those columns are not as available as they once were. But—that no longer has an impact if people utilize this new app. See You There is a social-media smartphone application which informs and connects users with a wide variety of events, social gatherings, and promotions, as well as with users who share the same interests – from parties to concerts to fundraisers – and provides full details as to the time, place, and admittance. See You There would also appeal strongly to a variety of commercial and institutional establishments – from venues and bars, to churches, hospitals, and schools – that wish to publicize their own events. 

See You There is downloaded to a smartphone for a small one-time charge (per download) or offered for free and paid for by advertisers—commercial/institutional establishments using the app to publicize their events and promotions. Once installed, See You There, displays all the events, parties, concerts, sales, and promotional events scheduled for a given day, week, or weekend – specific to the user's immediate locale. For example---the San Francisco Bay area offerings include not only parties, what bands are playing where, but also region-specific events such as wine-tastings in the Napa Valley. On the coast of Maine See You There might include maritime events such as a fleet of schooners sailing into Camden Harbor, lighthouse tours, or blueberry-picking on neighborhood farms. See You There operates in a manner specific to the user's locale, giving users the what, where and when of leisure-time opportunities in a selected city, region or metropolitan area. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in See You There. 

See You There is Patent Pending and was invented by Christian Reyes of Oak Hills, CA who said, “This application enables users to pre-select certain events or parties and speak with others for their experiences at the events. It is a true watchlist allowing users to text or provide live video from the group and lets users sample the event or party without yet being there. It is a simple and sophisticated means of checking out local events and more for desired leisure-time activities. It works.” 

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