Secretary General of the World Sports Alliance Meets With the Sports and Education Ministers of the African Continent

Dr. Gilles Klein, Secretary General of the World Sports Alliance IGO, will address Sports for Development and Peace

World Sports Alliance

Dr. Gilles Klein, Secretary General of the World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization, will address the renewal of the sector of Sport for Development and Peace following the closing of the United Nations’ Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP). Dr. Klein was invited to a meeting hosted by the Minister of National Education of Morocco, to be held in the city of Rabat. Also in attendance will be the Ministers of the African continent countries responsible for school sports and education. The Ministers are meeting together within the framework of the first African Sport Forum, co-organized by Morocco with the International School Sport Federation, comprised of 80 countries from five continents. This federation will organize the “Gymnasiades” in Marrakech, in May 2018, which are sometimes referred to as the Olympic Games of School Sport.

Since 2007, his Majesty King Mohammed VI, has defined an ambitious plan for Morocco using sports policy as a means to enhance humanity, including being the founding head of state to initiate the constitution of the World Sports Alliance IGO. This conference, which is being held in the same venue in Rabat that was used to constitute the World Sports Alliance in 2007, seeks to fulfill the promise of benefits that a World Sports Alliance was intended to bring to the lives of millions all over the planet. The goal of the conference will be to focus on solid solutions that can be implemented to bring real improvement to Africa, by using the Sport Development and Peace platform as a means to maximize the potential of all of the countries on the continent. This conference intends to be more than words, but will lead to real actions and lasting change.

Dr. Klein will be discussing the specific sports-related initiatives necessary to transform Africa. When asked about this conference, Dr. Klein stated that, “This conference will be unique in that we have identified the key initiatives that we believe will bring real change and improvement to Africa, using sports as a medium. We are focused on the decline in budgets allocated for youth sports and education, a true alliance amongst the governing sports bodies to be led by the World Sports Alliance, the need to train young people through sports as a means of empowerment, as well as the need for sustainable investments as a means to finance and implement these changes overall.”

H.E. Alan Lemieux, founding President of the World Sports Alliance, further stated that “This conference will focus on the five key challenges we have identified that are transformational to Africa through sports, which also include the proliferation of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The goal of this conference will be to develop solid solutions for the most pressing issues and unlike other efforts in the past, are designed to be effective and be felt around the world.”

World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization was formed in 2007, as the result of a private-public multi-stakeholder partnership initiative under the auspices of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA). The mission of the organization is the advancement of socioeconomic mobility, health and education issues for the approximately 530 million people within WSA’s 33 Member States, using youth sports as a medium. WSA has contractual entitlements and government concessions on its balance sheet in excess of USD $100 Billion dollars and is the fiscal sponsor of ῙGObit; the blockchain token designed for global citizens with financial equality in mind. World Sports Alliance operates on the Sport for Development and Peace platform and exists in furtherance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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