Secret Unicorn Products Website Found by Fairy

Unicorn Shops E-commerce Website Discovered by Fairy Searching for Her Lost Unicorn

Kismet Developers, an internet e-tailer and media marketing company, reports their secret unicorn merchandise website has been found. While searching the internet for her lost unicorn, a fairy discovered the e-commerce website that has been kept a closely guarded secret. This secret website, Unicorn Shops, was hidden in plain site on the world wide web to protect the unicorns and went undiscovered until now.

The fairy was so surprised with finding the Unicorn Shops e-commerce website that she has been rumored to have created a video on the internet describing some of the secret details. Lily, the name of the alleged fairy, is believed to explain how the secret unicorn website is specifically dedicated to the mythical and magical horned horse. Supposedly, Lily the Fairy goes on to mention in the video that the Unicorn Shops website might have the largest variety of unicorn products for a website dedicated to only unicorns and how excited she was to discover it.

"We were so surprised our unicorn merchandise website was found; it has been a well-guarded secret for a while."

Ken Vitto, Unicorn Handler

“We were so surprised our unicorn merchandise website was found; it has been a well-guarded secret for a while," said Unicorn Handler Ken Vitto. “But when we learned Unicorn Shops was discovered by a fairy looking for her lost horned horse friend, it made perfect sense to us.”

To avoid the paparazzi causing a disturbance taking photos of the mystical creatures, no further details on the Unicorn Shops website will be given to the press at this time. But true believers and lovers of unicorns who agree to keep the website a secret will be given details. Unicorn fans can find the secret e-commerce website at


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Kismet Developers is an e-tailer and media marketing company that develops and owns specialty websites which are committed to exciting products, ease of use and a personalized customer service one would expect from a friendly, local retail store.

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Unicorn Shops is an e-commerce website that offers one of the broadest selections of unicorn merchandise including shirts, jackets, costumes and other clothing as well as earrings, necklaces and other jewelry...and so much more unicorn stuff.

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