Scyphus Expands Services to Bespoke Popcorn Service to Events and Trade Shows by Renting Popcorn Machines

With growing demand of popcorn boxes, what Leslie Carr of Scyphus, says they noticed most, is the demand of these paper popcorn boxes in the trade fair and exhibition circuits, and at the same time, the scarcity of readily available popcorn vending machines and accessories. That is when they decided to offer a one stop solution to trade shows, event managers and exhibitors.

Scyphus has been seeing a constant growth in demand of popcorn boxes branded to exhibitor logos, and almost all of the demand is from trade exhibitors, who want to keep the visitors attracted to their stall with free popcorn and coffee.

Recent years have seen the demand of printed coffee cups growing in the exhibition circuits, and now for the last year or two, the popcorn boxes are fast becoming as popular as the printed paper cups. Investigating the reason brought out the reason, earlier exhibitors used to order branded paper cups for coffee and branded paper tubs for pop corns too, but the large 20oz to 28oz paper cups were not the slightest thing to carry along to a venue, so usually popcorn was avoided by exhibitors.

​But as stated earlier, with better paper quality and print quality available, the otherwise simple and "thinner than the tubs", popcorn boxes have fast attracted the attention of these managers, and they realised that popcorn can be served as good as in these folded boxes as they could be in the tubs. These were much easier to carry; just stack the unfolded boxes, wrap and tie and carry like a bundle of paper or cardboard, and then keep folding them as you serve.

​They're much easier to manage and use as you go; pack and carry back the extra easily, and shelve the stack for the next event. Much easier on storage space too.

The next issue that came to the fore was, despite growing demand, there was a flattening of demand too over time; again, some asked around and it was noticed that good quality popcorn machines are hard to go by, and it is another logistic headache to get popcorn boxes from Scyphus, look out for and rent a popcorn machine from a vendor, while obtaining the kernels and popping oil from another. This was deterring many event managers who had a short lead time, to go for popcorn.

​This is when Scyphus, decided to obtain a few popcorn machines and start an end-to-end service — an event manager orders branded popcorn boxes from Scyphus, and at the same time rents the popcorn machine and buys all else that she needs from Scyphus too.

This support Scyphus has provided to trade show managers and individual exhibitors has somehow not stayed limited to trade and business exhibitions. Event managers have lapped up this opportunity too, and personal event managers are opting for the Scyphus branded popcorn machines with personalised popcorn boxes for every personal event they manage, and of course, mostly for marriages.

Source: Scyphus, UK

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