"Scrub My Back": Provides Effective Self-Massage While Showering

Clean and comfortable is the description issued by Scrub My Back users. Scrub My Back is a back-scrubber in the form of a square shaped non-latex rubber panel which adheres to the shower wall via suction-cups, and is designed to hold a variety of snap-in, interchangeable scrubbers and applicators – loofahs, sponges, mesh pouf sponges, etc. – against which the bather will simply rub his or her back. The design intent is to provide consumers with a simple, effective way to wash, scrub, and massage their own back in the shower, as well as apply ointments or lotions.

The 2’ x 2’ Scrub My Back is held in place on the shower-enclosure wall by suction-cups. The material for the backing plate can be a non-latex or synthetic, non-allergenic rubber, or a molded, flexible but impermeable thermoplastic. While a rubber or synthetic-rubber mat is appropriate for personal use, an impermeable, molded-plastic backing plate – as well as the mounting components for the scrubbers – is more appropriate for use in commercial or institutional markets. Scrub My Back offers the user a selection of scrubbers: loofahs or sponges for exfoliation; soft sponges for a gentle scrub or the application of skin lotions, ointments, and so forth. These scrubbers are mounted in a plastic frame or back which itself slides into the main backing frame, through channels, and snaps or locks into place. The user simply mounts the backing frame to the shower or bath enclosure wall via the included suction cups, then slides the desired inserts into the frame until they lock into place, removing, replacing, and interchanging these inserts as needed for proper hygiene. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Scrub My Back.
The Patent Pending Scrub My Back was invented by Cheryl Combs of New York, NY who said, “It is virtually impossible for an individual to clean hard-to reach areas of the body such as the back. Realizing this difficulty, myself was when I designed the Scrub My Back for use when showering. It will work equally well for those with mobility limitations or in assisted living or nursing homes. It works and requires no aid from another person.”

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