Scotty's Everyday Launches a Natural Alternative to Sugar With Their New Allulose and Monk Fruit Sweetener Blend

Scotty's Everyday Allulose

Scotty’s Everyday, a trusted name in gluten-free, 0-1g net carb, 0g sugar, no-nut-flour baking mixes, is excited to announce the launch of their new Allulose & Monk Fruit Zero Calorie Sugar Replacement, the sweetener blend used in their popular products. 

“It’s important that we continue to provide our consumers natural alternatives to sugar,” says Scott Sturgill, the founder of Scotty’s Everyday. “Along with our line of baking mixes and Madagascar Vanilla Extract, this is another tool for our consumers to continue their creativity in the kitchen while enjoying a reduced sugar and reduced net carb lifestyle.”

Allulose, a natural sweetener that doesn’t fall under the category of sugar alcohols, is about 70% as sweet as white sugar, but without all the calories. Scotty’s Everyday blended it with the natural sweetness of monk fruit, about 250 times as sweet as sugar, to create a sweetener that looks and tastes remarkably similar. In fact, taste testers couldn’t tell the difference between this new blend and sugar. 

The sweetener is especially convenient as a 1:1 sugar replacement when baking. Unlike other low-calorie sweeteners or sugar alcohols, allulose bakes, caramelizes, and dissolves like sugar. “This makes it the perfect choice when we’re aiming for the nostalgic taste of full-sugar baked goods or anything you’re looking to sweeten.” 

Some of the other important reasons to love allulose? It won’t spike your blood sugar and is diabetic-friendly. Early studies suggest it may even help regulate blood glucose. 

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Source: Scotty's Everyday

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