New Keto Biscuit Mix From Scotty's Everyday

Scotty's Everyday Keto Mix

Scotty's Everyday has expanded its goal of providing healthy indulgence with the introduction of its latest mix. As with all of the Scotty's mixes, the new Keto Biscuit Mix is the first of its kind: gluten-free, nut-flour-free, perfect for baking light and flaky biscuits to satisfy any craving without the guilt.

The founder behind the brand, longtime food scientist, nutrition expert and pastry chef Scotty, wants people to know it's not just for biscuits. 

"We are thrilled that people are realizing not only the delicious results and nutritional advantages of our keto, zero net carb, gluten-free, no-nut-flour baking mixes, but that they can also be used to make hundreds of other delicious foods," says Scotty. 

Though Scotty's Bread, Pizza Crust and Cupcake mixes are intentionally easy to make, keto and gluten-free eaters in the Scotty's community have also been using them as a base for a wide range of other keto recipes, from bagels to pork belly puns. These recipes are shared online on the Scotty's Everyday website and on its Instagram page (@scottyseveryday). 

"We love that our mixes are feeding creativity in the kitchen. We're amazed at what great-tasting, beautiful, and nutritious foods people come up with using our mixes as a starting point. This idea of maximum versatility goes into our thinking with each new addition to our keto baking mix line," says Scotty. 

That holds true for this fourth product, the new biscuit mix. "What is great about this mix is that not only does it make soft and flaky biscuits without all the net carbs, it can also be used to make scones, pie crust, dumplings, and so much more. The possibilities are endless." 

Check out the entire line of Scotty's keto baking mixes at or on Amazon. 

About Scotty's Everyday

Scotty's is all about bringing favorite foods and the joy of baking back to people with keto or gluten-free needs. We make our mixes with humans in mind, and we put careful thought into every ingredient, so they're healthy and convenient enough to eat every day. Visit to find out more.

Scott Sturgill

Source: Scotty's Everyday