Scotty's Everyday Goes Sweet With the Third Product in Their Keto Baking Mix Line

Scotty's Everyday Keto Cupcake & Cake Mix

After successfully launching their gluten-free Keto Bread Mix and Keto Pizza Crust Mix, Scotty's Everyday received numerous requests for a sweet keto baking mix that could be used to make desserts. The brand's founder—food scientist, pastry chef and nutrition expert Scotty—decided to take on the challenge. Now the brand will launch the third product in their keto baking mix line: Scotty's Everyday Keto Cupcake & Cake Mix.

At-home baking saw a rise during the pandemic, with people having more time and access to their kitchens. People are continuing to seek out home-baked options as well as indulgent desserts that fit their unique dietary restrictions and health choices. Scotty's Everyday stays true to its foundation by addressing both needs. The mix will serve people with keto or gluten-free needs who are craving the taste and texture of the baked goods they grew up with. 

Not only is the Keto Cupcake & Cake Mix keto friendly, zero net carbs per cupcake, gluten free, non-GMO and made without nut flours. It's also incredibly easy to make; just add melted butter, eggs and water, mix, and bake.

Like all of Scotty's mixes, this one was also designed to be extremely versatile. It can make a dozen cupcakes or a layered cake. It can also be used to make many other keto friendly baked goods like breakfast muffins, coffee cake, trifles, and more. Recipes for different variations, along with a recipe for a keto frosting mix, can be found on the Scotty's Everyday website. Scotty's hopes that this mix will help more people "have their cake and eat it too!"

About Scotty's Everyday

Scotty's is all about bringing favorite foods and the joy of baking back to people with keto or gluten-free needs. We make our mixes with humans in mind, and we put careful thought into every ingredient, so they're healthy and convenient enough to eat everyday. Visit to find out more.

Scott Sturgill

Source: Scotty's Everyday

About Scotty’s Everyday LLC

Scotty’s Everyday is all about innovative foods that will get you in the kitchen even if you thought your day—and dietary goals—were too demanding.

With everyday convenience, nostalgic taste, and nutrition baked in, we have pantry essentials, baking mixes, and other easy solutions so you can unleash your creativity without worrying about your health goals.

Whether you lean keto, low carb, gluten-free, high protein, high fiber, or reduced sugar, Scotty’s makes it quick and delicious to cook every day.

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