Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball Celebrating 25th Anniversary in 2011

Scoresheet Baseball is now forming fantasy baseball leagues for its silver anniversary season.

Scoresheet Baseball, a favorite among fantasy baseball players and industry experts alike, embarks on its 25th anniversary season in 2011. Scoresheet offers fantasy baseball leagues that use current weekly statistics to play a complete 162-game season, at-bat by at-bat, using a simulation engine that has been finely tuned over the past 24 seasons.

Unlike old style simulation games which used known stats from past seasons, Scoresheet offers a fantasy baseball simulation where lineups are set before the week's games begin in the major leagues, and then the games are played at the end of the week using those current week's stats. So the predictive part of fantasy baseball that so many enjoy is also part of Scoresheet. But all the games are played on the Scoresheet computer; team owners just get the fun of managing their team. "Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball was created with the true baseball fan in mind," says owner and co-founder Jeff Barton.

Fantasy baseball experts laud Scoresheet Baseball for its realistic game play. Ron Shandler, author of 'Baseball Forecaster' and publisher of says: "Scoresheet Baseball is a great game. It allows you to be both general manager and field manager and you really can't get that anywhere else." The San Francisco Chronicle noted "comparing Scoresheet Baseball to other fantasy games is like comparing chess to checkers." And Gary Huckabay, co-founder of 'Baseball Prospectus', says: "Scoresheet is the ONLY fantasy baseball game I play!"

Scoresheet Fantasy Baseball not only offers unparalleled realism but also provides:
- a complete 'scoresheet' of each game, with much more detail than a typical box score
- a unique web-based application that allows team owners to play out entire games, one at-bat at a time, with an accompanying text description of each play
- enhanced lineup capabilities that allow team owners to set strategies such as when to bunt, who to platoon, and who to bring in from the bullpen and when

New Scoresheet Baseball players can join a league for just $39 and will receive a free 'Tips and Strategies' report to help them draft a championship-caliber team in 2011. Join the fun today and take your managerial skills to a whole new level!

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