Scoresheet Fantasy Football Ready To Score Again With 24th Fun-Filled Season

Scoresheet Fantasy Football offers a unique scoring system that makes for a much more realistic brand of fantasy football. Tired of leagues where a kicker can be a dominant scorer? Try Scoresheet this season and get real!

Scoresheet Fantasy Football is ready to blast into another season of fantasy football fun. An annual favorite among fantasy fans throughout the US and Canada, Scoresheet is set to enter its 24th season offering the most realistic fantasy football game around.

With a wealth of talented rookies joining the NFL and several high profile players moving to new teams, 2012 will no doubt be an exciting season of fantasy football.

Unlike other fantasy football games, Scoresheet offers a scoring system that reflects virtually everything that happens on the field. It's not about simply tallying points for touchdowns and yardage.

Scoresheet's formulas are derived from established mathematical models of football and designed to reflect a player's true football value. For example, in Scoresheet Fantasy Football, a running back who gains 100 yards on just 20 carries will earn more points than one who gains 110 yards on 30 carries. And unlike other fantasy football games, in Scoresheet Fantasy Football individual defensive players are part of the scoring equation. To add to the realism, points are taken away for incomplete passes and interceptions.

"Our game offers everything you love about NFL football. Defense, special teams and offense all play a role in our scoring model, and that makes for a very realistic fantasy football game," says owner and co-founder Jeff Barton.

Join alone and we will place you in a league with other individual owners, giving you a chance to compete against some of football's biggest fans. Or join with friends, and you can talk trades and assert bragging rights whenever you get together. If you know enough fellow fans to form a complete league, you can hold your own draft or use our convenient web drafting system that drafts over a few weeks (or just several days if you prefer). The beauty of our draft system is that you won't need to find a time where everyone can be available to draft in one night.

Personalized trophies are awarded to all league winners. The one full league winner with the highest overall total throughout all of Scoresheet Fantasy Football will also win free memberships in all 3 Scoresheet Fantasy Sports: football, baseball and hockey.

In Scoresheet's standard 12-team leagues, there is also a $100 cash prize each week to the one team with that week's highest point total from all of Scoresheet, and $50 to the team with the second highest total.

New Scoresheet Fantasy Football players can join a league for just $29. Join in the fun and experience the most realistic fantasy football scoring system around!