Scientists Still Do Not Understand Einstein's Theory Of Relativity

Einstein created the Theory of Relativity, not to show the speed of light was constant, but how bizarre physics would be if it was. Teaching Relativity as truth misses its purpose.

Explorer, scientist and Jacksonville, Florida author, Bruce Nappi, has just released two volumes of his new book series LIARS! The books present over 40 major discoveries that answer many of the most critical unanswered questions of the ages, including why we have so much chaos and strife in modern society. Difficult psychological and philosophical discoveries are explained using everyday language in a readable, exciting novel format. The discoveries affect every part of our culture, making the books interesting and valuable reading for everyone who seeks understanding and improvement for today's society.

After the Michelson Morley experiment in 1887, the concept that the speed of light is constant relative to any OBSERVER became popular. It is generally assumed by scientists that Einstein developed his Special Theory of Relativity to explain how this could be so. This isn't the case. Einstein never believed it. He thought it was logically ridiculous. He produced his analysis as an academic exercise to explore how bizarre the universe would have to be to explain any such observations. While many variations of the Michelson approach have been tried to refine the measurements, the results are not consistent, being very dependent on how the experiment is constructed. Most important, most of the experiments are being done without having a corresponding model for the fundamental physics involved to verify.

The irony of this is that the 3 basic physics models: ballistic theory, waves, and constancy for the observer; were already established by the Greeks by 55BC. In his new book, Nappi presents a new model which not only provides a basis to resolve the speed of light question, but also explains the duality of photons and unifies all the forces and mass properties in nature.

The books -- LIARS! Vol. 1: Scout to the Pole; and Vol. 2: Escape to Insanity -- are based on Nappi's experience as one of the Eagle Scouts on the 1965 North Pole Expedition. They present an "Atlas Shrugged" philosophical romp through a 3 Stooges run government research world, challenging the most fundamental beliefs of human culture. The coming of age saga is filled with amazing true-life adventures expanded by the insights of 40 years in the rough and tumble world of high tech business intrigue. A life threatening climax in volume 2 finally creates a setting to pull together all the wisdom and lay out a broad and comprehensive explanation for many of the problems modern society can't seem to understand.

Ultimately, the reader will learn how public statements claiming to represent broad "public opinion", are predominantly the voice of a small elite minority intent on maintaining superiority. Mankind's greatest social institutions: government, religion, science, education, law, medicine, and even the U.S. Constitution, are challenged and shown to be corrupt. A unified structure emerges which becomes the basis for a new social structure for mankind.

About Bruce Nappi

Bruce Nappi is founder and president of the A3 Society and author of the books LIARS! Vol. 1: Scout to the Pole; and Vol. 2: Escape to Insanity. An award winning scholar, he graduated from MIT with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Astronautics ( yes, a true MIT rocket scientist ). As an engineer and manager, he used his multi-disciplined technical background to develop leading edge products in medicine, optics, production systems, military systems, and automated testing. His resume is filled with breakthroughs like: the first fully automated system to fabricate dental crowns; fastest DNA sequencing machine in the world (1990); first 512 sensor solid state array for measuring muscle contractions; first infrared fiber optic probe for direct measurement of human blood chemistry; first practical solution for content addressable memory which can speed up computer processing over a thousand times. He is currently Administrative Director for CSESaR, the Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research, University of Florida, College of Medicine, Jacksonville, Florida.

Throughout his career, he was dismayed by repeated failures of society to draw on even a fraction of the technical advances available. He was greatly disturbed that, even with ever-growing technical capabilities, the number of poor and starving kept increasing while great wealth continued to concentrate in the hands of a few. When modern communications opened the door to participative democracy, western governments, waving the banner of democracy, hypocritically established legal barriers to keep government decisions in the hands of special interests and legislative aristocrats. This led to his lifelong quest that produced the discoveries presented in the book series LIARS! The A3 Society was founded to promote those discoveries through education. His work is summarized online at

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