40th Anniversary of Warning to Planet Earth

On the eve of Hurricane Irene, days after the East Coast earthquake, and on the verge of mass starvation in Somalia, the A3 society is reaching out in an effort to raise international awareness on the 40th Anniversary of the Club of Rome report.

On the eve of Hurricane Irene, on the verge of mass starvation in Somalia, the A3 society is reaching out to raise international awareness on the 40th Anniversary of the Club of Rome report.

In 1968, a group of academic, diplomatic and industrial professionals formed a group known as the Club of Rome. The group was formed to discuss short-term thinking in international affairs and the impact it was causing on human society. Using private money, they commissioned the creation of a computer program to model human society. A wide variety of scenarios were tested to explore how the environment, industry and society would respond to high, medium and low levels of population, technology improvement, capital infusion and other variables. The results of the computer runs were startling! The book Limits to Growth was published in 1972 to describe the findings.

In every case, human society was facing a drastic collapse in the early to mid 21st century unless radical reductions were made immediately to population increase and natural resource consumption. The response to these predictions was just as startling. In keeping with the original observations about narrow short-term thinking, prominent economists, scientists and political leaders denounced the study. The reductions needed to prevent universal human catastrophe were ignored. Updates to the book were written in 1992 and 2002 to reassess how the planet was faring in comparison to the predictions of the models. In most cases, things were going much worse than the mid level models. The anticipated arrival of the collapses was predicted to be sooner in each case. In 1992, 1700 of the leading world scientists signed a petition to world governments to take immediate action. Their warning was also ignored.

Now, on the 40th anniversary of the first Club of Rome effort, there is no longer any need to wait to see if the predictions were true. The collapses have begun.

The planet's weather is radically changing, responding very quickly to global warming. Hurricanes are growing in strength. Rain bands are shifting, turning once verdant crop areas into deserts. 90% of the fish in the oceans have been depleted. Over populated mega cities are growing. Massive starvations are starting. Over 30,000 children now starve every day. As the arctic ice melts, it removes huge amounts of weight from landmasses like Greenland and transports that weight around the globe as the oceans rise. This causes crustal plates to rapidly adjust, rising in some places, falling in others, leading to new earthquake activity. Major natural resources are approaching depletion. Oil production has passed its peak and is decreasing. Wood for cooking for billions of people has been wiped out. Fresh water can no longer keep up with demand around the globe. Mining for major metals can no longer meet demand. The list goes on and on and on.

Yet, how are government and industry leaders responding to this? DENIAL! They continue to steer more and more control to banks and industry creating the largest class of "robber barons" in history, while world populations starve. How can they permit this catastrophe? Why does humanity allow them to do it?

There is a very sinister answer. We call it "human nature". Unfortunately for all of us, the psychology driving human nature has never before been accurately understood. The faults of current government structures and possible solutions have never before been accurately described. Finally, there are answers that pull the whole picture together. The answers are discussed on the A3society website and presented in the new book series by Bruce Nappi called LIARS! The petition from world scientists is shown in a link there. Don't accept the lies anymore!

About Bruce Nappi

Explorer, philosopher and Jacksonville, Florida author, Bruce Nappi, has just released two volumes of his new book series LIARS! The books present over 40 major discoveries that answer many of the most critical unanswered questions of the ages, including why we have so much chaos and strife in modern society. Difficult psychological and philosophical discoveries are explained using everyday language in a readable, exciting novel format. The discoveries affect every part of our culture, making the books interesting and valuable reading for everyone who seeks understanding and improvement for today's society.

The books -- LIARS! Vol. 1: Scout to the Pole; and Vol. 2: Escape to Insanity -- are based on Nappi's experience as one of the Eagle Scouts on the 1965 North Pole Expedition. They present an "Atlas Shrugged" philosophical romp through a 3 Stooges run government research world, challenging the most fundamental beliefs of human culture. The coming of age saga is filled with amazing true-life adventures expanded by the insights of 40 years in the rough and tumble world of high tech business intrigue. A life threatening climax in volume 2 finally creates a setting to pull together all the wisdom and lay out a broad and comprehensive explanation for many of the problems modern society can't seem to understand.

Ultimately, the reader will learn how public statements claiming to represent broad "public opinion", are predominantly the voice of a small elite minority intent on maintaining superiority. Mankind's greatest social institutions: government, religion, science, education, law, medicine, and even the U.S. Constitution, are challenged and shown to be corrupt. A unified structure emerges which becomes the basis for a new social structure for mankind.


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