Savvy Cleaner Triumphs at the Arrival of Showrunner Parker Shelton

Savvy Cleaner Taps Parker Shelton for New Livestreaming Shows Added to Their Weekly Roster

Parker Shelton Joins Savvy Cleaner as Livestreaming Showrunner

Savvy Cleaner, the company that produces the Ask a House Cleaner show and podcast, recently added a Clutter Corner show to accommodate the demand for decluttering and hoarding. What started as a mini-series quickly became a full-fledged weekly show, and broadcast live, on several platforms. "We thought we could do a few episodes and call it a day," laughs CEO Angela Brown, "and now that it has taken on a life of its own, we really need more help."

Parker Shelton is a rare find with his background and experience in gaming and livestreaming and was thrown into his first livestream within the first 10 hours of being hired.

Parker Shelton

Shelton was born and raised in Arkansas and relocated to North Carolina with his family in 2012. He graduated high school in 2016 and went on to enroll in courses at CPCC, as well as numerous virtual learning programs focused on different aspects of digital design and marketing. 

He was honored to be selected for the Road to Hire internship sponsored by Red Ventures and graduated from that coveted program in 2018. While there, he gained invaluable knowledge in areas such as software engineering and user interface design. He thrives in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology.

Shelton Goes from Claymation to Livestreaming

By age 12 Shelton was creating claymation videos and within a year was producing art and music videos along with editing and producing video game shorts. His real-world experience and self-taught skills are a perfect segue to the Savvy Cleaner's world of influencer marketing and brand deals that are now connected to livestreaming. "I am elated to work alongside Angela Brown and her entire Savvy Cleaner team," adds Parker Shelton.

Outside of work Shelton spends time with his family, especially his 4-year-old daughter, Millie. He also plays guitar, paints, draws, and loves learning new ways to express his creative side".

About Savvy Cleaner

Savvy Cleaner ( is a training and certification program for house cleaners and maids. They started the Ask a House Cleaner show on YouTube in 2017 to raise the standards of house cleaning through proper training, tools, and techniques. 

Heather Shelton
Savvy Cleaner

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