Savvy Cleaner is Calling Hoarders for Help With a Book Project

Savvy Cleaner is accepting book-entry submissions from those dealing with clutter and hoarding.

Savvy Cleaner, the rapidly growing hub for house cleaning training, announces a new book initiative to help house cleaners understand people dealing with excessive amounts of clutter and hoarding. 

Participation in this collective book project is as simple as filling out a short form at Entries are open to those who are hoarders or have hoarding tendencies.

"2020 was the year of truth for clutter and hoarding," says Savvy Cleaner CEO Angela Brown. "With stay-at-home issues from the pandemic, people spent more time at home dealing with their stuff. Trying to decide what to toss and what to keep triggered a ton of emotions for some, and they reached out to their cleaning services for help. The problem is that not all house cleaners are educated on how to deal with hoarding-type situations and just gutting a house doesn't fix the problem."

According to MedicineNet, one of the leading reasons a person starts hoarding is a stressful life event, which Covid-19 turned out to be. As residential cleaning services return to their client's homes, they are dealing with extreme amounts of clutter and want to be sensitive to the families they serve but don't know where to start and what to say that will help the situation, not make it worse.

House Cleaning Companies Seek Understanding

"The first step was creating Hoarding World," says Savvy Cleaner CEO Angela Brown, "a resource hub and a support group that welcomes a wide range of people sorting through their own stuff as well as homes and storage units they've inherited from parents, grandparents, and stuff their kids left behind."

"The next step," says Brown, "is creating a book of tips and suggestions to learn from families who find themselves with stuff they don't use or want, like books, VHS, DVDs, CDs, clothes, shoes, coats, bedding, dishes, old electronics, furniture, plants, and toys. A simple questionnaire answered in full, or in part, could pave the way for compassionate understanding among cleaning companies and their customers."

The Savvy Cleaner Philosophy

"The Savvy Cleaner philosophy has always been one of leaving the world a cleaner place," says Savvy Cleaner CEO Angela Brown. "This time we are reaching out for advice from a friend. We are seeking guidance first hand, on what to say and how to treat those whose lives are affected by too much stuff." The book, Hoarding: Advice from a Friend published by Life Long Publishing, is scheduled for a May 2022 release. 

Book-entry submissions will be accepted through Jan. 31, 2022.

Sally Naidu
Director of Media Relations
Savvy Cleaner

Source: Savvy Cleaner