Savvy Cleaner Celebrates Working Moms by Securing Publicist Heather Shelton

Heather Shelton Joins Savvy Cleaner as Publicist After Raising a Family

Heather Shelton Savvy Cleaner Mom Retuning to Workplace

Savvy Cleaner is encouraging the corporate world to embrace moms returning to work after raising families. "Companies tend to overlook women that have resume gaps. There seems to be a stigma that returning moms are less valuable, or their knowledge and talents are not valid," says Savvy Cleaner's CEO, Angela Brown. "We believe that life experience brings problem-solving solutions to the workplace. Heather Shelton was a natural fit for our Publicist position," adds Brown.

According to the National Women's Law Center, "women who were mothers were recommended for significantly lower starting salaries, perceived as less competent, and less likely to be recommended for hire than non-mothers." 

Mothers Have Transferable Skills to the Workplace

"We recognize and honor that mothers have been running a family, balancing finances, juggling schedules, and navigating a range of mood swings and growing pains that come from raising children. All of these skills," says Angela Brown, "are needed when dealing with fast-paced deadlines and difficult customers. Women lead families by inspiring, encouraging, and resolving conflicts. All of those skills are interchangeable and easily transferable from home to work."

Having built Savvy Cleaner from the ground up, Angela Brown believes dismissing women in the workplace isn't just wrong, it's bad business. According to Peterson Institute for International Economics, "Women leaders could improve company performance in multiple ways. Greater skills diversity amongst the company leadership may improve management performance."

"Savvy Cleaner, like other companies its size, has growth challenges that need a leader who can stay level-headed in the daily chaos of small business. Heather Shelton is that person," adds Angela Brown. "Jumping into her role of managing brand deals, press and media interviews, guest appearances, and social media you would think she is a magician - not just a mother of three and a doting grandma."

About Heather Shelton

Since moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, Heather Shelton has shared her love for writing by teaching classes to the local homeschool community and reading to the elderly in assisted living centers. When asked about her new employment, Shelton beamed, "The entire Savvy Cleaner team makes me feel welcome. This company is changing the cleaning world, and I am honored to be along for the ride."

About Savvy Cleaner

Savvy Cleaner ( is a training and certification program for house cleaners and maids. They started the Ask a House Cleaner show on YouTube in 2017 to raise the standards of house cleaning through proper training, tools, and techniques. 

Sally Naidu
Director of Media & PR
Savvy Cleaner

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