Savencia Cheese USA Launches Supreme Brie

New Brand Reinvents the Brie Category with Unmatched Taste

Supreme Brie 7 oz

​​​​Savencia Cheese USA LLC, a leading specialty cheese manufacturer, today announced the introduction of Supreme Brie, the newest addition to their range of specialty cheese brands.

In developing this cheese, Savencia set out to reinvent Brie as we know it — making it highly approachable, full-flavored and supremely creamy. In doing so, fresh cream is sourced daily from the farms around the company’s Lena, Illinois creamery, and pasteurized immediately upon arrival for a consistently creamy taste and texture. The result is a deliciously buttery and smooth Brie, with a thin white rind you can eat. The 7 oz. oval shape can be easily cut into slices, making it simple to serve and enjoy every day — not just on special occasions.

“To make Supreme, we source cream and put it into production of Brie the same day,” said Mikhail Chapnik, Vice President of Marketing at Savencia Cheese USA. “This focus on freshness creates a creamier, smoother, and more spreadable Brie, that will appeal to a broad audience of cheese lovers who don’t typically consider Brie.”

Supreme Brie officially launches in grocery stores nationwide on May 20, 2019, giving, in Chapnik’s words, “a reinvented, modern twist to our Supreme line of fine cheeses.”

Aside from the signature 7 oz. oval in modern blue packaging, Supreme Brie will also be available in a larger 4.4 lb. oval pack to be freshly cut on-site at deli departments, as well as single-serve miniature Brie Bites, which are perfect for snacking (coming in fall of this year).

About Savencia Cheese USA
SAVENCIA Cheese USA is a part of Savencia Fromage & Dairy—a leading global milk processor focusing on cheese specialties. It’s the N° 2 cheese group in France and N° 4 worldwide, with net sales of €4.4 billion. This is a company in the tradition of its founding family, with over 19,000 employees in 29 countries. It utilizes the latest technology and deep culinary expertise to meet consumers’ expectations in great taste, convenience, and nutrition, while staying committed to the highest quality standards. In the USA, the company offers a wide portfolio of cheeses, including domestically produced Alouette® and Chavrie® as well as French specialty imports like Saint Agur®, Saint Andre®, Saint Albray®, world-champion cheese Esquirrou®, and others.

For more information, contact: Sebastien Lehembre

Phone: 717-405-8838

Source: Savencia Cheese USA

About Savencia Cheese USA

Savencia Cheese USA is a family-owned subsidiary of Savencia Fromage & Dairy - the world's leading specialty cheese producer. Savencia Cheese USA specializes in crafting high-end cheeses under the Alouette, Supreme, Chavrie, Dorothy's and Smithfield brands as well as Hope Foods, a leading plant-based dips and spreads brand. Additionally, Savencia Cheese USA imports fine cheeses from France featuring cheeses such as Ile de France, Saint André, Saint Agur and World Champion Esquirrou. For more information, please visit:

Savencia Cheese USA
400 South Custer Avenue
New Holland, PA

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