Savencia Cheese USA and Rogue Creamery Scored Major Wins at the 2022 World Cheese Awards

The Dairy Manufacturers Took Home 10 Medals in the Largest Competition Yet


Savencia Cheese USA proudly announces that its portfolio of specialty cheeses has been recognized once again at the 2022 World Cheese Awards in Wales, UK, one of the largest cheese competitions across the globe. Among the largest competitive set yet—a record-breaking 4,434 competitors from 42 countries—Savencia Cheese USA & Rogue Creamery took home a total of 10 medals, including two Super Gold, putting them in the top 16 cheeses in the competition. 

Savencia & Rogue Creamery's 10 medals include two super gold, two gold, two silvers and four bronze awards across multiple categories.

  • In the hard ewes' milk cheese plain category - Esquirrou - Super Gold
  • In the any other cow's milk blue cheese, not in any other class - Bluehorn Blue Cheese - Super Gold
  • In the blue vein cheese any variety, uncut foil wrapped category -  St Agur - Gold
  • In the semi-soft cows' milk cheese not in any other class category - St Andre 7oz - Gold
  • In the ewe's milk cheese blue category - Roquefort Papillon Noir - awarded Silver
  • In the blue vein cheese any variety, uncut foil-wrapped category - Oregon Blue - Silver
  • In the brie Category - Supreme 2Kg - Bronze 
  • In the soft ripened category - Supreme 7 oz - Bronze 
  • In the blue vein cheese any variety, uncut foil-wrapped category - Crater Lake Blue Cheese - Bronze
  • In the any creamery cheddar made on or before 05/31/2021, traditional flavor category - Cheese Is Love Cheddar - Bronze

These recognitions define an incredible accomplishment for Savencia's passionate team of cheesemakers and importers. "It's our mission to produce world-class cheeses," said Greg Somerville, CEO of Savencia North America. "Savencia Cheese USA's multiple wins at the 2022 World Cheese Awards solidifies our superiority when it comes to fine cheeses." 

On the international scene, Savencia Fromage and Dairy, headquartered in Viroflay, France, was awarded over 45 medals across the diverse categories. 

All Savencia Cheese USA-winning cheeses—along with the company's wider portfolio of cheeses—are available at grocery stores nationwide or online at

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SAVENCIA Cheese USA is a part of Savencia Fromage & Dairy—a leading global milk processor focusing on cheese specialties. It's the N° 2 cheese group in France and N° 4 worldwide, with net sales of €4.4 billion. This is a company in the tradition of its founding family, with over 19,000 employees in 29 countries. It utilizes the latest technology and deep culinary expertise to meet consumers' expectations in great taste, convenience, and nutrition while staying committed to the highest quality standards. In the USA, the company offers a wide portfolio of cheeses, including domestically produced Alouette® and Chavrie® as well as French specialty imports like Saint Agur®, Ile de France®, Saint Andre®, Saint Albray®, world-champion cheese Esquirrou®, and others.

Source: Savencia Cheese USA

About Savencia Cheese USA

Savencia Cheese USA is a family-owned subsidiary of Savencia Fromage & Dairy - the world's leading specialty cheese producer. Savencia Cheese USA specializes in crafting high-end cheeses under the Alouette, Supreme, Chavrie, Dorothy's and Smithfield brands as well as Hope Foods, a leading plant-based dips and spreads brand. Additionally, Savencia Cheese USA imports fine cheeses from France featuring cheeses such as Ile de France, Saint André, Saint Agur and World Champion Esquirrou. For more information, please visit:

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