SAVA Announces Launch of E-Flash - The Lightest Carbon Fiber E-Gravel Bike for All-Terrain Riding

SAVA, a German registered company known for innovative bicycle design, just announced the launch of their latest: SAVA E-Flash the Lightest Carbon Fiber E-Gravel Bike for all-terrain riding, daily commuting, and outdoor adventures. Highly responsive and lightweight, SAVA E-Flash is designed for comfort, stability and efficiency. It's the perfect E-Gravel bike for all skill levels. SAVA E-Flash is available now, learn more here:

E-Flash E-Gravel bike is a versatile, multi-surface bike that makes it easy to transition from paved roads to gravel paths, and even off-road areas. It's the ideal choice for multi-surface riding or outdoor activities. E-Flash is designed to be rigid and stable and effectively absorbs vibration for an ultra-smooth ride. Its carbon fiber construction offers extreme lightweight performance at only 11kg total weight. The carbon fiber frame & fork also make it easy to pick up and carry when needed, something that commuters can appreciate.

"E-Bikes have become an efficient and earth-friendly way to commute and get around on a daily basis. But until now, their rudimentary design, heavyweight, and short range has made them less than ideal for more adventurous riding. Our riders have been asking for an E-Gravel bike that can move seamlessly from paved roads to trails for more fun and adventure. To accomplish that, we applied advanced carbon fiber and titanium materials technology, combined with long-range battery & motor systems, along with high-quality shifting components to create the most lightweight and capable E-Gravel bike. With E-Flash, users can go virtually anywhere with ease and enjoy a high-performance E-Bike to carry them safely through all their outdoor adventures." - Yiwu Yang CEO SAVA.

Although it's one of the most lightweight E-Gravel bikes available, E-Flash doesn't sacrifice quality, featuring some of the best components available in its class. Equipped with an AKM 250W rear motor and 252WH hidden battery, riders can easily switch between five assist modes and reach 40km/h maximum speed, and range up to 80km. An efficient, built-in torque sensor controls the power for super smooth riding. Shifting is handled by an industry-leading 22-speed Shimano groupset that is smooth, powerful at any speed, and suitable for all experience levels. Braking is controlled by high-quality Hydraulic Disc Brakes and the bike is equipped with 700*40c Gravel tires to handle any terrain.

To keep things under control, E-Flash has an intuitive 4-in-1 smart controller that lets riders easily manage lighting, GPS navigation and USB charging on the go. For commuters, pleasure riders and outdoor adventurers, this powerful and ultra-lightweight E-Gravel bike is the ultimate answer.

SAVA E-Flash the Lightest Carbon Fiber E-Gravel Bike is available for pre-sale now with special deals and incentives for early adopters. Learn more here:

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