'SaniWrist' Keeps Hand Sanitizer Within Reach for Every Wearer

Clean hands are a vital part of maintaining good health and it is very important for healthcare personnel to be cautious, particularly in hospitals and other places where infections can be rampant and dangerous. The SaniWrist is a specially designed, lightweight and portable, bracelet-like container and dispenser for antibacterial hand sanitizer that is worn on the wrist. Easily adjusted in size, the design intent is to provide all users, particularly medical personnel, with a more convenient, ever-present and readily accessible means of sanitizing the hands.

The SaniWrist is a circular, bracelet type device, made of a durable plastic material. The top of the unit offers a convenient pump mechanism positioned above a small reservoir. The hollow circular body of the SaniWrist houses the sanitizer solution. To facilitate a comfortable fit, a section on the unit allows it to be expanded or retracted as required by the user. The product is available as a one-time-use unit or a refillable product that can be used muItltiple times. The SaniWrist is manufactured in a wide variety of colors to appeal to individual tastes. For users in the medical field, it eliminates the need to rely on harsh detergents common in medical facilities and it keeps wearer’s hand free of harmful bacteria and germs. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the SaniWrist. 

The Patent Pending SaniWrist was invented by Walter and Jean Ochoa of Brooklyn, N.Y., who said, “The SaniWrist is just as important to those in the public—cashiers and personnel in the food industry— as it is to those in the healthcare industry. Originally this was developed due to major concern over the Ebola virus; however, it works perfectly for anyone wearing it because it provides a hand sanitizer at a moment’s notice.”

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