Sandy Spencer Discusses the Importance of LinkedIn for Job Searches

Nationally recognized expert weighs in on how to use LinkedIn in the job search

Sandy Spencer, a professional resume writer and LinkedIn profile expert from Expert Business and Professional Services, encourages everyone to utilize LinkedIn by creating or consistently updating their profile. Currently, 875 million people in 200 countries use LinkedIn. For Spencer, making and using a LinkedIn profile is essential. More importantly, the content presented on LinkedIn can make or break a professional opportunity. 

"Everyone is going to LinkedIn to see if someone is a fit for a job," said Spencer. "You have to have the right content, and on LinkedIn, your resume is the content." 

Entering a new career or advancing up the career ladder relies on networking, and recruiters seeking job candidates turn to LinkedIn to find the perfect fit. Spencer knows that crafting and refining a great resume is the key to landing a dream job. She also knows getting a resume seen on LinkedIn — the biggest online professional network in the world — is a major key to the modern job search.

So, what are some simple ways to improve a LinkedIn profile? Spencer makes the following suggestions:

  1. Have a professional photograph. Look like you are showing up for an interview. No grainy, unclear pictures as your profile or cover photo. Instead, users should choose photographs that show their best professional self.
  2. Use industry keywords. Use words that will be positively flagged by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Recruiters want to see clear industry knowledge and expertise.
  3. Keep information accurate and current. LinkedIn is an interactive online resume meant to help recruiters find their next hire. Without up-to-date information, recruiters assume what is given is correct. 
  4. Connect with others. Making connections on LinkedIn helps the job search by expanding networks of opportunity. Reach out to people at companies with openings or simply exchange industry knowledge and contact information. 
  5. Turn on job alert functions. Be alerted of new opportunities with LinkedIn's job alert feature. Users receive emails and notifications of new job listings so they can be the first to apply for an open position. 
  6. Post professional, meaningful content. It's important for users to remember that LinkedIn is very different from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. It is meant for sharing professional knowledge and furthering careers. Make updates related to a particular career path or insight gained from working on the job. 
  7. Participate in professional groups. Industry-specific groups on LinkedIn give anyone access to opportunities and a space to ask for professional opinions. 

About Sandy Spencer

Sandy Spender is a nationally recognized resume writer, LinkedIn profile builder and career consultant with a background in human resources and as a recruiter and headhunter. Her unique background provides stellar insight into what hiring managers really want to see and hear. Clients receive individualized care and direction without the industry-typical templates and outsourcing.  

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Source: Expert Business and Professional Services

About Expert Business and Professional Services Inc

If you are a serious job seeker, LinkedIn is no longer optional – it is a must. With more than 400 million users, LinkedIn is utilized by 90+% of all recruiters and companies as a primary source for top talent. This means a professionally executed LinkedIn profile is crucial to a successful job search. You cannot afford to ignore this amazing job search tool.

When a recruiter is interested in you, before calling you, they will Google your name and see what comes up. One of the first links they will see is your LinkedIn profile. Many job seeker profiles are half complete, left unmanaged and out-of-date and a poor LinkedIn profile could be hindering your career. Don’t let an out-of-date LinkedIn profile sabotage your career or job search.

Every professional should have an up-to-date, high quality, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile.

We will develop or redevelop your LinkedIn profile complete with rich content, keywords, and your personal brand. LinkedIn profiles promote an individual’s career history, education, connections and professional recommendations. Additionally, individuals can join groups for networking purposes.

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