San Francisco Nonprofit Introduces Program Bridging Social Development and Health in Ghana

Child Family Health International (CFHI), a nonprofit organization that has provided transformative global health experiences to over 10,000 participants since 1992, today announced the launch of a new program in Ghana. This new program will cater to students of all disciplines looking to explore the intersection of social development, empowerment and health in an international setting. Staying true to its mission and values, CFHI has teamed up with local health professionals and social development practitioners in Ghana who will mentor CFHI scholars through experiential learning projects, community engagement activities and lectures, grounded in local culture, customs and practice in Accra and Cape Coast, Ghana.  

With strong political and economic systems, vibrant cities and constantly evolving healthcare systems, Ghana offers an incredible learning experience for CFHI participants looking to expand their educational experience and cultural frame of reference. Throughout their time in Accra and in Cape Coast, CFHI participants will gain exposure to a variety of social development tools, programs and approach to addressing health and social challenges through a multidisciplinary lens.

Participants learn about challenges and opportunities in the social development sector while exploring Ghana’s national health policy for healthcare delivery and community-level innovations and approaches to development. Participants have the option of collaborating with NGOs and partners in the health and social sectors, and to contribute to projects that seek to empower communities and foster social change.  

“We are excited to present a program that offers a cross-sectoral approach to social development and population health in Ghana. We welcome applicants from all academic and professional backgrounds who are interested in learning, exploring and engaging with institutions and systems working at all levels of civil society in Ghana to address social development challenges. We want our scholars to use their experiences from the program to make a positive impact in their home communities around the world.” states Deborah Dauda, CFHI’s assistant director of programs in Africa.

With this latest program, CFHI demonstrates its commitment to introducing unique global health topics and unparalleled international learning opportunities to its students. CFHI’s programs foster well-rounded health professionals who are equipped to serve diverse patient populations and respond to current global health challenges that transcend borders.

Founded in 1992, CFHI ( is a non-government organization (NGO) operating at the grassroots level to provide transformative global health education experiences and community empowerment in underserved communities around the world. CFHI offers 40-plus global health education programs designed to broaden students' perspectives about global health - as well as a variety of community health initiatives and projects - in developing countries including Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Argentina, Mexico, Uganda, the United States, South Africa, Ghana and the Philippines. More than 10,000 students have participated in CFHI programs to date. CFHI has been granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

Source: Child Family Health International

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