San Francisco Non-Profit Lends Its Expertise to Guide for Students Seeking Experience in Global Health

Bay Area non-profit, Child Family Health International (CFHI) a leader in international education, has contributed to the seminal new text "Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide." The book gives concrete guidance on how to choose and take part in experiences in global health drawing on a wide collaboration of perspectives under the leadership of editor, Dr. Neil Arya.

Child Family Health International, an NGO with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, has contributed its expertise in the ethics of education abroad in resource-limited settings to a new book edited by Dr. Neil Arya former Director of the Global Health Office of Western University.

Pulling together experts from across the field of global health including CFHI, “Preparing for International Health Experiences: A Practical Guide,” gives its readers detailed information on what to consider before, during, and after a trip overseas.

Dr. Neil Arya explains, “Whether you are an undergraduate health sciences, medical or paramedical student or professional embarking on an experience, we hope this volume will be valuable and that you can come back to it periodically throughout your global health life, viewing it through different lenses each time."

With hundreds of sending organizations and destinations of all kinds to choose from, this new guide will help students increase their cultural awareness, pre-departure preparedness, and inform them on ethical considerations that will keep both themselves and patients safe.

Dr. Jessica Evert, Executive Director of CFHI, points out “Child Family Health International doesn't just provide global health educational opportunities, our mission is also to encourage quality, ethics, and safety for global health education and experiences wherever they occur.  We are grateful to collaborate with other thought leaders on this new easy-to-use guidebook that is essential for students and faculty.”

The book is available through Routledge and is also available on


Child Family Health International (CFHI) provides community-based Global Health Education Programs for students and institutions. Our unique model fosters reciprocal partnerships and empowerment in local communities, transforming perspectives about self, healing and global citizenship.

CFHI is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations.

Source: Child Family Health International


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Child Family Health International (CFHI) provides community-based Global Health Education Programs for students and institutions.

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