San Francisco Accounting Firm, Safe Harbor LLP Issues Alert on California WildFire Tax Relief Resources

Safe Harbor LLP is a leading accounting firm in San Francisco. The firm is issuing a bulletin on California WildFire tax relief resources.

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Safe Harbor LLP, recognized as one of the leading accounting firms in the San Francisco Bay Area, is announcing a bulletin for its clients and the general public who may have been impacted by the terrible California wildfires situated in Northern California near Santa Rosa. The bulletin summarizes California and federal resources that may provide tax relief to people who have suffered financial losses.

“Obviously everyone's first concern is the loss of life and making sure that persons immediately impacted by the fire are assisted,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “That said, with respect to property damage, we are issuing this bulletin to alert people to some of the resources available on wildfire tax relief.”

Obviously everyone's first concern is the loss of life and making sure that persons immediately impacted by the fire are assisted.

Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP

To view the bulletin on California wildfire tax relief, visit As deadly wildfires continue to rage across California, both the California Department of Taxes and Fee Administration (“CDTFA” formerly “BOE”) and the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) have announced tax relief efforts for individuals and businesses affected by the disaster. Other federal departments and organizations are also pitching in, offering direct assistance and low-interest loans to support recovery.


Safe Harbor is known as one of the most forward-looking CPA firms in San Francisco. The firm has an established reputation as the best boutique CPA firm for tax issues, both for high income individuals as well as those with business interests. Many of the firm's clients have property, such as real estate in San Francisco and even in the North Bay. For this reason, the firm may have clients who have been impacted by the recent California wildfires, especially Santa Rosa. The new bulletin outlines key provisions, and has links to key California and federal resources. However, anyone with complex tax issues such as losses due to the wildfires in Northern California or issues surrounding disruptions and difficulty in meeting filing deadlines should reach out to an accountant or CPA firm for a personal consultation.  Businesses, for example, can check out the San Francisco business page at

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