San Diego Offers Ideal Location for Bioidentical Hormone Physicians

Bioidentical Hormones Expert ,Dr. Melinda Silva joins BodyLogicMD San Diego to help people live better, longer.

San Diego, California - San Diego not only offers the perfect balance of sand, sunshine and balmy breezes, but also a way for residents to ensure their own hormonal balance. BodyLogicMD, the nation's largest network of highly trained physicians specializing in bioidentical hormones, and Dr. Stephen Center proudly welcome Melinda Silva, M.D., to their San Diego bioidentical hormones practice. Dr. Silva joins Dr. Center in serving the growing number of local women and men seeking relief from the symptoms commonly associated with the aging process.

"I am pleased to welcome Dr. Silva and her expertise to the practice," shares Dr. Center, who was recently featured on San Diego Living morning talk show. "We work closely with women and men who experience the symptoms of aging and hormonal imbalance, such as weight gain, fatigue, diminished libido, mood swings and depression. By following careful diagnostic screenings, we can identify hormonal imbalance at its source and treat the condition accordingly, using natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy integrated (BHRT) with nutrition and fitness regimens."

"During my years in family practice, I witnessed the waning quality of health inwomen and men over the age of 35," says Dr. Silva. "I was determined to step away from risky medications and surgical options in favor of preventive measures, especially for conditions that are most often bought on by poor nutrition, lack of exercise and hormonal imbalances related to aging. I truly appreciate having the time needed to partner with each patient to determine the protocol that will best suit his or her needs. The most rewarding part, of course, is seeing the positive results that balance - both hormonal and lifestyle - brings to my patients."

About Dr. Melinda Silva
Melinda Silva, M.D., received her undergraduate degree in 1987 from the University of California, where she also completed her Doctorate in Medicine in 1993. Dr. Silva then fulfilled her Internship and Residency in Family Medicine at Long Beach Memorial in 1997. In addition, Dr. Silva is a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).