Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray Heats Up "Hot Flashes" On Daytime Television

BodyLogicMD's Patients Relate To Talk Show Host's Recipe For Hot Flashes

Boca Raton, Florida- Celebrity chef, bestselling author and iconic day-time talk-show host, Rachael Ray, is following the lead of other celebrity health advocates such as Suzanne Somers, Robin McGraw and Oprah Winfrey - sizzling up the conversation about menopause and what women can do to relieve hot flashes, menopause weight gain, hair loss, mood swings and other symptoms resulting from hormonal imbalance.

In a recent segment on her show, Ray enlisted the help of menopause expert Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of The Wisdom of Menopause, to answer the question "What can women do to prevent hot flashes?" According to Dr. Northrup, hot flashes occur due to fluctuating hormone levels, namely estrogen. Estrogen begins to decline during early menopause (perimenopause) and continues to degrade up until a woman's final menstrual period.

"Awareness is paramount," says BodyLogicMD Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alicia Stanton. "There are many ways for women to successfully mitigate menopause symptoms and women should be encouraged to educate themselves, in order to find the solution that works best for them."

BodyLogicMD, the nation's largest network of bioidentical hormone doctors, evaluate patient's hormone levels using saliva and blood testing. After determining the patient's specific needs, they prescribe bioidentical hormones in conjunction with customized nutrition and fitness regimens as well as stress reduction techniques to help their patients find relief from hot flashes and many other symptoms of hormone imbalance.

"Rachel Ray is the epitome of our female patients. Like Ray, many of our female patients are in their 40's, juggling careers, family life and everything else, continued Dr. Stanton. "Many of my patients have come to me seeking ways to camouflage their symptoms - so that they don't feel as if they're wearing a giant billboard around their neck, screaming, "Yes, I'm menopausal." "Properly prescribed, bioidentical hormones offer women and men effective solutions and I'm very pleased to help navigate them through this turbulent time." said Dr. Stanton.

Although there is no one magic recipe for relief from the symptoms of menopause, the experts at BodyLogicMD agree that women should educate themselves about the options available and applaud the celebrities that continue to keep the topic of menopause solutions in the spotlight.