SAM, the Revolutionary Technology Introduced by Markus Giebel

A revolutionary new technology in the sphere of age management, Software for Age Management (SAM) has been introduced in the United Arab Emirates by Eternity Medicine Institute.

A revolutionary new technology in the sphere of age management, Software for Age Management (SAM) has been introduced in the United Arab Emirates by Eternity Medicine Institute. Markus Giebel, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, is the creator of this ground-breaking and innovative software which has already brought the company awards.

The SAM system combines the best of two worlds - business and science - to identify and predict illnesses well before they take root in people. The software is used by Eternity to manage its healthcare programmes which see the unique blending of traditional healthcare with the novel concept of age management healthcare.

According to Giebel, "We manage our patients' health the same way we manage a company. We identify the good points and risk factors in a patient's health and our physicians give them a health forecast, specifying the goal, methods and timeframe needed to achieve this objective".

"People often go to a doctor only when they're sick, but we believe that the healthcare system of  the future should be preventive and predictive. We are changing healthcare from a reactive to proactive mode," he said.  

This is what SAM is all about. The revolutionary technology works as a database which can be accessed every minute of the day by doctors as well as patients. Doctors' recommendations, test results, as well as receipts, will all be accessible through this system which allows traditional health screening to be taken to a completely new level.

This would allow the software to predict a person's health journey through 'Profit & Loss (P&L) of your Health' reports. Potential problems which may be in one's body are identified through elevated biomarkers obtained through health screenings. These are used to issue a Profit & Loss account as for any company which includes Key Performance Indicators, goals, trends, forecasts and health advice, which could easily be understood even by a person with no medical knowledge.

This could go a long way in identifying the risks and taking all measures possible to avoid diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and obesity at an early stage. Further damage from existing conditions can also be prevented as a result through Eternity's carefully drawn preventative care programmes which will comprise diet packages, nutraceuticals, stem cell treatment and bioidentical hormones. The final objective is to provide tailor-made health care packages which people can utilise to safeguard life and provide additional vigour and vitality to live.

The software allows Eternity Medicine Institute to screen a person within 20 minutes, which is quite an advantage when it comes to its corporate wellness programmes including Executive and All Staff Screening packages where time is of great importance. SAM is capable of screening a large number of people in a relatively short period of time and issue 'P&L of your Health' reports.

The electronic system also saves a lot of time for doctors as they wouldn't have to gather data manually and go through many reports one by one. Both efficiency and effectiveness of the system increase as a result.

Without confining SAM to Eternity, Markus Giebel hopes to introduce it to other medical facilities as well as it will benefit all patients across the board. The ultimate objective is to introduce the system globally through the development of a multinational software corporation for the benefit of humanity everywhere.