SalesHood Launches MEDDPICC Sales Training Content and Tools to Improve Sales Effectiveness

SalesHood's Content Marketplace Adds MEDDPICC Sales Training and Sales Content Assets to Quickly Improve Sales Effectiveness and Sales Efficiency, Purpose-Built to Fast Start 2023 and Just in Time for Sales Kickoff Season

MEDDPICC by SalesHood

SalesHood, the leading purpose-built, all-in-one Sales Enablement Platform, updated its Content Marketplace with MEDDPICC sales training content and sales tools. SalesHood's new MEDDPICC Library helps customers reduce training and enablement costs while simultaneously improving sales effectiveness and sales efficiency. With SalesHood, companies only need one Sales Enablement Platform to enable revenue teams with content, training, certifications, and buyer engagement.

"Our customers are excited about how fast and efficient it is to train and reinforce MEDDPICC with SalesHood, including customizations," says Elay Cohen, CEO at SalesHood. "In a matter of minutes, our customers add MEDDPICC by SalesHood to their enablement programs and sales execution. Then, within weeks, our customers realize improvements in deal qualification and win-rates."

"SalesHood's MEDDPICC helped our revenue teams at Copado quickly get trained and apply the proven framework to our deals, resulting in improved win-rates and bigger deals," says John Guerriere, Global Director, Sales Enablement.

What's Included in MEDDPICC by SalesHood:

Turnkey Learning Paths: There are prescriptive Learning Paths included with step-by-step guidance to speed up time to market and time to revenue. Curriculum design is best-in-class and modern, leveraging social learning, gamification, and badging. All Learning Paths are customizable and personalized by role.

Bite-Sized Sales Training Content: Over 30 videos are included, covering all aspects of MEDDPICC, including: Metrics, Economic Buyers, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Procurement/Paper Process, Implications of Pain, Champions, and Competition. The videos are optimized for training and reinforcement.

Guided Selling Assets: Over 15 sales content and sales assets are included that are mapped to the MEDDPICC framework, including email, mutual plans, proposal presentations, and templates. Assets can be tagged and prescribed just-in-time in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Coaching Huddles for Managers: Front-line managers are empowered with 10 coaching templates to use with their teams in one-on-ones and in weekly team meetings. The coaching huddles include video lessons, team exercises, video role-playing, and gamified leaderboards.

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