"Safety Grill for Airplane Engine": Prevents Objects From Getting Sucked Into the Engines

The "Safety Grill For Airplane Engine" will protect and defend integrity of jet plane intake from birds.

​The word screen or grill has different meanings or descriptions and in this case the word grill is a cover (or netting, similar to a screen) that keeps potential danger away from an airplane’s main engines. It will prevent birds and other flying objects from entering the engine and compromising the operation of the aircraft and passenger safety. Years after the plane landing in the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey the fear of bird strikes remains in the minds of airline personnel and passengers.  The Safety Grill for Airplane Engine is a metal circular grill with small holes that attaches onto the engine to prevent birds, bats and other objects from getting sucked into the engines yet allowing the necessary sufficient air intake.

The Safety Grill For Airplane Engine is a grill-like shield that acts to prevent bird strikes into a jet engine and it has an aerodynamic cone-like cap produced in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations to accommodate various types of propulsion engines. It is designed for use with piston engines or gas turbines. It can be easily incorporated into the design of newly manufactured planes and jets or could be used as an aftermarket accessory to be installed on existing aircraft.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Safety Grill For Airplane Engine.
The Patent Pending Safety Grill For Airplane Engine was invented by Bessie and Ralph Brewster of Jamaica, NY who said “It is long past time for the aviation industry to look at this type of safety measure. Not only will it save millions of dollars in repairs but it performs a safety feature that is beyond compare in saving human lives in the event of a crash. Birds, bats, etc. will just slide right off the grill and the engines keep going.”

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