"Safety First": Vehicle Safety Mechanism to Help Reduce Traffic Accidents

The Safety First is an automobile accessory and display screen (or displayed on smartphone) specially designed to only allow a vehicle to start after testing the driver's blood alcohol levels via incorporated infrared body chemistry sensors located along the steering wheel. These sensors will also send a signal to shut down the vehicle and activate hazard lights should a health crisis such as abnormal blood sugar levels, major heart arrhythmia, restricted oxygen levels, or intoxication be detected. The design intent is to provide an effective means of preventing drunk driving, as well as health related accidents, while also alerting other drivers that the car is stopping, and an emergency is in progress.

The Safety First is an electronic unit integrally linked to the vehicle's starter assembly. The alcohol reader consists of a series of sensors along the steering wheel that test one's blood alcohol level via the oils/perspiration on the hands. Avenues for testing include: a solution of sulfuric acid, potassium dichromate, silver nitrate and water; Silver Nitrate: Catalyst to speed analysis; Sulfuric Acid: Removes alcohol from air/creates acidic condition; Potassium Dicromate breaks down alcohol absorbed in liquid with the following result: chromium sulfate, potassium sulfate, acetic acid, water, causes color change in one vial, another vial remains neutral. Photocell system records difference and produces an electrical current interpreted by the system and records the blood-alcohol level. Should that level exceed a certain point Safety First prevents the vehicle from being started. All results are displayed on either an included display screen, an existing display screen in the vehicle or on a smartphone. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Safety First.
Safety First is Patent Pending and was invented by Sadeq Albakri of Brooklyn, NY who said, “While individuals might enjoy a drink, alcohol can lessen one’s ability to determine if or when he or she is capable of driving a vehicle. Safety First will identify a situation and shut down vehicle and even activate hazard lights in event of a health crisis. This device can potentially prevent accidents and help keep the highways safe.”
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