Safe Harbor LLP of San Francisco Announces Post on Finding the Best Tax Service in California for International and Expat Tax Return Preparation

Safe Harbor LLP is a team of dedicated accountants with a strong specialty in international tax issues for California residents. The accounting firm is announcing a new post on finding the best tax preparation service, including for those who need international and/or expatriate tax return preparation assistance.

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Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the top international tax accounting firms in California, is proud to announce a new post on finding the best tax preparation service in San Francisco, including one with expertise in so-called "expat tax return preparation" and/or "international tax." As one of the most internationally focused cities in the United States, San Francisco has many residents who have business interests, property or income overseas and are thus subject to international tax issues.

“International tax issues are complex because there is the United States and then there is the other country and their own tax code,” explained Chun Wong, managing partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “In addition, U.S. tax law may require the reporting of overseas income and/or assets, so there are additional reporting requirements for those with significant overseas income or property.”

To read the post on finding the best tax service in San Francisco, visit The post is a very basic overview to the issues involved, so interested persons are urged to visit the landing pages on the website for international tax ( and expatriate tax return preparation ( Indeed, any person who has significant international tax exposure is urged to reach out for a consultation with the accounting firm, as no two situations are the same, especially since countries as divergent as China, Germany, Mexico, Canada, etc., all pose unique tax challenges for those with income and/or property in both places.


Here is background on this release. Many San Francisco residents have international tax exposure, whether in the form of property and/or income. They may go to a tax service in San Francisco, thinking that anyone can prepare a U.S. tax return and/or a foreign tax return. They may even be promised by the tax professional that this can be done. However, there is a lot of specialized knowledge that is required. Canadian citizens, in particular, face particular issues, and many individuals who are Canadian citizens come to California to work and thus become exposed to U.S. tax laws. How should one go about finding not only the best tax preparation service in San Francisco but the best tax service for one's unique needs? The new post explains many of the key issues. One easy step is to reach out for a consultation. Each situation and person are unique and a trained tax professional, one with expertise in international tax, can evaluate the situation. For these reasons, Safe Harbor LLP has announced a new, succinct post on finding the best tax service in San Francisco with an eye to those who have overseas tax exposures.


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