Sacred Surrogacy Holds Retreat for Surrogates in San Diego

For the first time in the United States, Canadian based holistic support program Sacred Surrogacy, will be holding a evening retreat for Surrogates in San Diego.

​The Sacred Surrogacy movement offers a deeper way to view this remarkable journey. It is a way to embrace the beauty that is inherently a part of the pregnancy and birth process, and to navigate the path of alternative family building. Through their program intended parents and surrogates learn self care practices, as well as ways to connect to the process in a soul fulfilling and meaningful way.

 This time is a beautiful bonding time for surrogates, allowing them to learn from experienced surrogates, creating friendships, and mentor-ship opportunities. Over the evening, it is an amazing celebration of pregnancy and birth that we enjoy sharing with the surrogates. The highlight of the evening for Sacred Surrogacy staff always is having the opportunity to celebrate each participant with a special Honoring Ceremony.

Surrogacy is one of the deepest drinks life has to offer and should, in all ways, be treated as sacred. We are so excited to be bringing this program to Surrogates in San Diego, regardless of agency affiliations or journey status, all Surrogates are welcome to attend this soul fulfilling evening! I feel so honored to be able to bring this community to San Diego Surrogates.

Leia Swanberg, Co-Creator of Sacred Surrogacy

 They are excited to be coming to San Diego California on Nov. 8 to host a Sacred Surrogacy Retreat gathering for Surrogates in this area. They welcome all Surrogates, independent or with any agency, to participate in this honoring and heart service evening. With only 12 spots available for this beautiful evening, they will need surrogates to reserve spots with an investment of $25.00 CAD per person. This investment will provide a Sacred Surrogacy swag bag with over $50.00 worth of merchandise and an evening of celebrating their journeys.

 In the Sacred Surrogacy retreats this is exactly the kind of community we want to be creating. Surrogacy is still not understood by most people and sometimes women feel like they are constantly trying to stand up for themselves. Being at Sacred Surrogacy retreats allows women to speak openly about how they are feeling without the fear of being belittled or ridiculed. They are surrounded by people who understand their generous heart and hold space for those who are having a hard time or a magical journey. Everyone also has the opportunity to be honored and honor one another.

Sacred Surrogacy recently launched their ecommerce platform, and are excited to be able to share the beauty way of surrogacy, with surrogates and intended parents from any agency, anywhere in the world. For more information: Sacred Surrogacy San Diego Surrogate Retreat

Source: Sacred Surrogacy

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