SA&M Preccelerator® Program Announces Investment in Breakthru

Preccelerator Program

 The Preccelerator® Program, a Santa Monica, California-based early-stage startup accelerator, announced today it has accepted Breakthru into its current class of companies. Breakthru will bring immersive, well-being experiences to the workday. The restorative microbreaks, powered by our bodies in motion, will be tunable to each person’s desired emotional state. Realized through a multi-platform solution leveraging AI and spatial computing, Breakthru is conveniently designed for individual and group use, via desktop, to meet work-from-home needs. 

“Melissa is the type of entrepreneur we like to work with. She is driven, passionate, an expert in her field and sincere. Breakthru solves a real workplace problem by helping workers stay refreshed, focused and productive. We are excited to have Breakthru join the Preccelerator,” said Len Lanzi, Managing Director of the Preccelerator® Program.

Breakthru microbreaks are restorative and self-paced, yet fast, flexible, and on-demand. They help people context shift, focus, and create, replacing former office rituals like midday walks to combat sedentary behavior. It’s proven that small moments of movement throughout the day have measurable well-being impact. 

Breakthru is a solution that has been in development for three years, with 2.5 million of research dollars coming from strategic partners. Its rollout is designed as not just an individual betterment tool but focused on the well-being of the group. At its core is the belief that people adopt healthier habits and thrive with support and accountability to a community. To encourage remote collaboration, Breakthru is designed to be shared in a meeting or given as a gift by a friend, colleague, or trusted leader within an organization. People take better care of themselves when they take care of each other, and we’re proud that we have a product that is useful to enterprise and employees today, as they navigate a new work landscape.

Breakthru founder Melissa Painter states, “We never anticipated this level of a shift to work from home—with all the obstacles and opportunities people currently face, with stressors brought on by the pandemic—would be our on-ramp to market or that a spatial + AI compute product would come first to market on people's desktops. Breakthru delivers mental and physical well-being impact, as we help people combat sedentary behavior, modulate their sense of time, and build new restorative habits. Scott Alderton has been on our board since the company's early research days. We are thrilled to be launching to market with the support of SA&M.”

Melissa Painter is the founder of Breakthru, which was developed at her firm MAP Lab, a product invention and incubation studio for emergent technologies that are body and learning-centric. She is a pioneer in the mixed reality space, an expert in embodied intelligence, and an award-winning filmmaker and author. Her strategic partners and funders include Microsoft, lululemon, Nike, Clif Bar, JPL NASA, Unity Technologies, Intel, Boeing, AMD, HP, USC Center for Body Computing, and NVIDIA. Her immersive products have been featured and reached players at  Sundance, Unity Vision Summit, Future of Storytelling, The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, Cannes, CES, SXSW, on Microsoft HoloLens, Gear VR, Magic Leap and Windows Mixed Reality. She is a mentor for Sundance New Frontiers and a founding member of Guild of Future Architects. 

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