S&P Data Digital Announces Brian Cato as Chief Diversity Officer

Revenue services platform implements new position to advance diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

S&P Data Digital

S&P Data Digital ("the Company"), a leading revenue services provider, announced today that Brian Cato, has been appointed as the Company's Chief Diversity Officer.

"Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has always been a part of S&P Data Digital's DNA. This appointment secures our commitment to celebrating and supporting DE&I initiatives and ensuring all our employees feel included and empowered. Cato has been a cornerstone of our organization and has supported DE&I initiatives for years. I am looking forward to his leadership in the CDO role," said Dan Plashkes, CEO and Founder of S&P Data Digital.

As Chief Diversity Officer at S&P Data Digital, Cato will lead the ongoing development of the Company's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and the creation of programs that promote inclusive hiring practices and mentorships aimed at all levels of the organization with the goal of providing an exceptional employee experience.

"I am excited to take on the challenge of the Chief Diversity Officer role at S&P Data Digital. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have always been a cornerstone of the Company, and the creation of the CDO role marks an important step in formalizing our efforts to build on this foundation. My goal is to create a culture where S&P Data Digital is seen as diverse, equitable and inclusive by each and every one of our employees."

Cato is a founding member of S&P Data Digital's leadership team, and has been instrumental in the company's success since inception.

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Source: S&P Data Digital