RXVIP Kicks Off Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Residency Program & APPE Rotations With Diasyst for Care Management of Diabetic Patients

This week, RXVIP Concierge launched their first telehealth & remote patient monitoring residency program and APPE rotations for PharmD students in partnership with Diasyst.

As part of its PharmD Concierge APPE rotations & residency efforts, RXVIP now collaborates with leading pharmacy schools to accept all members from the Class of 2020 so that they can enter the profession to assist in COVID-19 testing and care for patients with chronic health care issues. The company has partnered with a leading national lab, healthcare organizations, and technology vendors to educate the next generation of PharmD healthcare providers.

"Our partnership with Diasyst will help RXVIP Concierge in our mission to develop a new standard in patient engagement that will enhance the role that Pharmacists play in the health care continuum. As the medication experts and clinical support team for the physicians we collaborate with, as a team, we are able to increase patient outcomes while delivering increased reimbursements for the practice," said Crystal Cruz, PharmD, Executive Vice President and Chief Operation Officer, RXVIP Concierge.

The first six-week rotation started Monday with seven students from Chicago State University’s and NSU Florida’s Colleges of Pharmacy, who will be receiving clinical, technical, and administrative training on all things telehealth and remote patient monitoring, including hands-on experience providing these services to patients at the office of Michael Goodman, MD, in Bellmore, New York, under supervision of senior concierge clinical pharmacists at RXVIP.

"Delivering the medication expertise of the Pharmacist, now including needed remote patient monitoring components that high-risk diabetic patients need, makes the RXVIP Concierge approach with Diasyst a natural addition for our practice. The model that RXVIP has created in healthcare with this collaboration is something I have supported since its inception," said Michael Goodman, MD

Embedded in the Diasyst curriculum will be to show students how to enroll patients into a virtual diabetes care program, as well as best practices for successfully monitoring and engaging patients in between office visits as part of a collaborative environment with physicians.

"RXVIP Concierge’s program recruits and trains an incredible workforce of pharmacists into the front lines of this major diabetes epidemic that has been spiraling out of control over the last few decades. By equipping them with modern approaches, such as Diasyst and our partners’ technologies, we are excited to partner with RXVIP to educate the next generation of healthcare providers, who will make a difference for thousands of patients, improving outcomes amid rapid policy and reimbursement changes in virtual patient care," said Chun Yong, Chief Executive Officer, Diasyst​

RXVIP continues to actively engage with pharmacy programs across the country to recruit more students and residents into its programs. By placing pharmacists in the physician’s office as an extension of the medical team, the PharmDs are able to deliver an incredible suite of services that achieve quality and drive revenue for the practices, including, but not limited to:

  • Annual Wellness Visits (AWV)
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Advance Care Planning (ACP)
  • Alcohol, Obesity, CVD, and a variety of other counseling​

"As the first APPE student to study on a rotation at RXVIP when I was a student at Creighton University, I knew that the innovative concierge approach I saw would someday become a reality. RXVIP’s passion for the profession and their commitment to students to help guide them on a pathway to provider status always inspired me as well. I look forward to sharing my experiences from my residency training and careers as both a teacher and pharmacist to support Crystal as she educates and serves as a mentor for these bright students of pharmacy," said Bethany Abrahams, PharmD

Beyond providing real-world experiences for PharmD students and residents, RXVIP and Diasyst are both also advocates of provider statuses for the pharmacy profession, helping champion federal and state agencies to allow pharmacists to get reimbursed for a growing number of virtual services now covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers.

About RXVIP Concierge

RXVIP Concierge is a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs, and Students of Pharmacy who are committed to enhancing their roles as healthcare providers. By working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, RXVIP is able to deliver a suite of value-based services at the point of care. These services increase reimbursements and enhance quality measures with the innovative PharmD Concierge program that is setting a new standard of patient engagement. The program includes training for PharmDs, PharmD interns, physicians, and their staff at no cost to those team members. RXVIP Concierge seamlessly integrates these offerings with zero out-of-pocket expense for healthcare practitioners looking to add a trained PharmD to serve as their medication expert via telehealth or in the office. To learn more, visit: www.RXVIPconcierge.com.

RXVIP Concierge is proud to offer remote experiential education solutions to students attending the following affiliates, including;

  • Long Island University
  • St. John’s University
  • The Touro College and University System
  • University at Buffalo
  • Shenandoah University
  • Howard University
  • Wilkes University
  • Chicago State University
  • South University
  • West Virginia University
  • NOVA Southeastern University
  • Mercer University
  • University of Pittsburg
  • University of Arizona
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Southern California
  • Manchester University College of Pharmacy
  • MCPHS University

For information on adding your school to our growing group of advanced learning institutions, please email: crystal@rxvipconcierge.com

About Diasyst:

Diasyst provides the best-of-breed technologies to empower healthcare organizations to monitor and manage their chronically ill patients. Coming from decades of research out of the diabetes clinical research team from Emory University/Healthcare and the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Diasyst specializes in developing tools that reduce clinical inertia and translate modern approaches to chronic disease management. By combining the latest monitoring devices and pharmacotherapy management guidelines into its powerful software platform, Diasyst collaborates with organizations like RxVIP Concierge to streamline new clinical services that improve patient care and generate additional revenues.​

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