Back-to-School With RXVIP Concierge Introduces In-Home COVID-19 Testing, Enabling Physicians and Colleges of Pharmacy to Rapidly Test and Trace Their Patients With Ease

Physicians and Colleges of Pharmacy, who partner with RXVIP Concierge, are able to rapidly test patients for COVID-19 at home using the leading telehealth solution

​​​​​As many states are lifting restrictions and preparing for students to head back to school, the need for easily accessible COVID​-19 testing is imperative. RXVIP Concierge’s telehealth solution allows for physicians and Colleges of Pharmacy to easily test their patients, students and faculty without placing additional work on their staff.

“Over 70 million school-aged children across the United States will be attending school in August, most of them will be in person, and our schools are not equipped to contain the COVID​-19 virus despite all of the safety precautions that will be taken,” warns Ken Sternfeld, RPh and Chief Pharmacist Officer of RXVIP Concierge. “Now more than ever, we have to take initiative to rapidly test and trace our patients, friends, and family because doing so will be the difference between life and death in some cases.”

RXVIP Concierge is a leading telehealth solution comprising a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy who work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to deliver a suite of value-based services.

RXVIP Concierge will place a licensed Pharmacist (PharmD) in a physician’s practice virtually to engage with their patients and conduct in-home testing for the COVID​-19 virus.

“At RXVIP we want to create the safest environment possible for the return to school in the fall. Protecting students, faculty, staff and families is our number one goal. At-home COVID​-19 testing with telemedicine instruction provides a hassle-free and personalized approach to getting everyone back to school safely,” said Alana Martin, PharmD Concierge Care Coordinator.

By leveraging RXVIP Concierge, physicians relieve their staff of additional work because everything is coordinated by their PharmDs. The practice will also generate an additional revenue stream, RXVIP’s telehealth screening, setup and follow up.

“Repetitious COVID​-19 PCR Testing is how people will begin to get back to what was once ‘normal,' but this is a huge burden on organizations which are already quite busy,” said Sternfeld, “RXVIP Concierge is here to help physicians and Colleges of Pharmacy to manage the increasing demand for testing by virtually mobilizing trained PharmDs on the front lines of the pandemic to help.”

In addition, RXVIP Concierge is leading a huge initiative to partner with Colleges of Pharmacy and empower the faculty, students and alumni to reach out into their communities to test friends and family, which will result in an enormous impact on the testing and tracing of COVID​-19.

“As future health care providers, RXVIP Concierge’s telehealth is taking the initiative to take care of patents and teach PharmD candidates from all different pharmacy schools to be the best healthcare advocates no matter what the circumstance may be! RXVIP Concierge is implementing in-home COVID testing to rapid test and trace individuals like parents, teachers, professors, students, and many more to bring people back to “normal” and be COVID-free before going back to school. I am more than happy to be a part of the A-Team and get everyone back to their safe learning environments and lives!” said Aisha Abuhanak, PharmD Concierge Care Coordinator.

RXVIP Concierge, through their CareONE Concierge Academy, plays an integral role in the education and training of future PharmD candidates as well as any licensed Pharmacists or PharmDs who want to practice at the height of their profession. The company is now mobilizing their network to rapidly expand the testing and tracing of COVID-19.

“We make the process very simple,” said Sternfeld. “Our PharmDs contact a physician’s patients, or in the case of colleges of pharmacy their family and friends, to inform them about the COVID testing program and screen them for COVID symptoms.”

At that time, the Pharmacist will fill out the online requisition with insurance information and a COVID testing kit (nasopharyngeal) is sent to the patient with clear instructions on its administration.

“Our PharmD assists the patient in capturing the sample using Telehealth. Then the patient completes the nasal swab, places it in the enclosed mailing packet and sends it to our lab for testing,” explained Sternfeld.

Test results are available on RXVIP’s portal within two days showing positive or negative. If the results are positive, RXVIP will set up an affirmative telehealth call between the patient and their provider (or our medical director) to review the results with the patient and discuss how to proceed.

If the results are negative, RXVIP will review the results with the patient and let them know we recommend a repeat test based upon their likelihood of exposure to the virus. An optional telehealth call with the provider (or our medical director) is set up. The patient’s insurance is then billed with no copay to the patient.

“We encourage every parent with school-aged children and every teacher or faculty member who will be physically returning to school this fall to get tested and plan to schedule regular COVID tests,” said Sternfeld. “This is the only way we will be able to trace and contain the virus from violently spreading through schools and putting lives at risk.”

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RXVIP Concierge is a network of pharmacists, PharmD and students of pharmacy who are committed to enhancing their roles as healthcare providers. By working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, RXVIP is able to deliver a suite of value-based services. These services increase reimbursements and enhance quality measures with the innovative PharmD Concierge program. Setting a new standard of patient engagement, the program includes training for PharmDs, PharmD interns, physicians and their staff at no cost to those team members. RXVIP Concierge seamlessly integrates these offerings with zero out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare practitioners looking to add a trained PharmD to serve as their medication expert and peer professional. Visit to learn more.

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