RXVIP Co-Founders Launch the CareONE Concierge Academy to Set a New Standard of Patient and Student Experiential Engagement to Help Address the COVID-19 Damage to the Pharmacy Educational System

RXVIP Concierge Chief Pharmacist Officer and Founder Ken Sternfeld announced today that the open enrollment period for the CareONE Concierge Academy has been set for June, July and August 2020. With the hope of having a full class by the September back to school timeline, RXVIP will be promoting this new experiential eLearning platform through a joint marketing alliance with Life Improvement Media to deliver the entire curriculum over the internet on Helium Radio.

RXVIP Concierge will also work with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to create content and career development podcasts that will bring experts and thought leaders in the pharmacy profession into the academy as CareONE Concierge adjunct professors. This new strategic partnership with PPN will also allow CareONE Concierge Academy to offer Certifications and CE Credits as part of an online subscription service.

"Words cannot express how excited and grateful we are to be partnering with Ken and the team to help raise awareness and promote the CareONE Concierge Academy across all of our demographics. Our goal is to improve the quality of our listener's lives, and by adding a health care eLearning platform, we have the ability to not only enhance the career path of PharmD​s, but also to connect our internet radio network to information that is pertinent to all listeners who need help during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic," Chief Creative Officer of Life Improvement Media and Founder/CEO of Helium Radio, Erik Remmel commented. "To support the content, we have created a separate channel on Helium just to focus on delivering the courses, lectures and podcasts and certifications that the academy has already so that it reaches the students who will tune in to our station as part of their educational pathway, and hopefully throughout their career and life," Remmel concluded. 

PharmD candidates and Alumni from Colleges of Pharmacy and Universities nationwide can receive mentoring and eLearning plus job training by joining the CareONE Concierge Academy. The course of study will align to traditional IPPE, APPE and Residency timelines that PharmDs usually follow, plus there will be a new  'MAPPE', which is a Master of APPE Proficiency course that will guarantee a position with RXVIP Concierge as a PharmD Provider upon completion. 

The strategic partnerships now in place enable RXVIP Concierge to play an integral role in the education and training of future PharmD candidates as well as any licensed Pharmacists or PharmDs who want to practice at the height of their profession. 

The CareONE Concierge Academy will utilize the skill sets plus leadership and mentoring talents of the current PharmD candidates from the Class of 2021 and past graduates of RXVIP Concierge rotations. The company has selected four charter members as the first of many who will be given the opportunity to participate as we shape this non-traditional eLearning and education solution.  

The CORE FOUR charter members include women from various colleges, with unique and forward thinking ideas that they want to use as advocates for Provider Status. They have shown extraordinary passion for enhancing the role of Pharmacists in the healthcare continuum for their peers graduating next year and beyond.

They include Bittany Olbert, Krystal Hughes, Jessica Whetzel and Paige Zwicker as charter members of the CareONE Concierge Academy who will help develop the innovative programs which they will then share with colleges and universities across the country. They will focus on COVID-19-centric eLearning modules and core initiatives in Telemedicine, Testing, Tracing, Transition of Care, plus the need for next-generation Doctors of Pharmacy to deliver remote monitoring to provide better outcomes for Medicare patients with chronic diseases.    

“COVID-19 has caused us all to look to the future with hope that there will be advancements in healthcare," stated Ken Sternfeld, RPh and Chief Pharmacist Officer of RXVIP Concierge. "The time is now to fuse a group of young and older Pharmacists looking to win the battle with the coronavirus that has changed our world," Sternfeld added. "When the Yankees needed to return to greatness, they played rookies like Jeter, Pettitte, Posada and Rivera to move the franchise to the top. I figured that if it worked for them, it could work for us, so these women are the CareONE Concierge Academy Core Four," Sternfeld continued. "They show care, compassion and empathy in every aspect of their persona and they are extraordinary future leaders. It is my pleasure to mentor them and watch them lead the profession to a higher ground as part of our team," Sternfeld concluded. 

"When I started my rotation as an APPE student from Howard University College of Pharmacy, I knew that my passion for helping patients and members of our profession was very similar to what I saw at RXVIP," stated Brittany Olbert, a CareONE Concierge Academy charter member. "I also realized very quickly that Ken was eager to learn about what I thought and how I could help make these rotations more meaningful, not only for my career but for all my fellow APPE colleagues," Olbert continued. "I have been given many opportunities to grow during this rotation and want to help inspire others to join us in creating an Academy that meets the needs of every student," Olbert concluded. 

"The CareONE Concierge Academy allows us to put our pathway to provider status, developed over the years, into an eLearning remote platform that guides students through their requirements during and beyond the years spent in school," stated Crystal Cruz, ExVP/COO of RXVIP Concierge. "By completing the courses we offer to IPPE, APPE and Residents, we are able to help our students secure high paying RXVIP PharmD Concierge Provider positions the day they graduate," Cruz continued. "By having the Core Four adding their perspective as PharmD candidates, we feel confident our message that Pharmacists can practice at the height of their diploma is in good hands," Cruz concluded.

"My interest in pharmacogenomic and its benefit to patients dealing with adverse drug reactions was why I chose RXVIP for my rotation, but after a few lectures, I quickly learned about the vision of the 'concierge' approach where Pharmacists could help more patients by collaborating with physicians," stated Krystal Hughes, PharmD Candidate 2021 from West Virginia University School of Pharmacy and Core Four charter member. "Ken was passionate about advocating for pharmacist provider status and has given me an opportunity to become a leader by collaborating with my peers. Together, we can help shape future rotations with a student forward manner." Hughes continued, "I am grateful that my efforts can be impactful to other students as we all adjust to a new model of telemedicine, testing and tracing in a time of COVID-19."

“Pharmacy is at an incredible transformative inflection point. Those who question the need to change will be left behind. Ken recognized the coming change from transactional prescription based environments to patient focused value based payment & concierge style services enabling pharmacists to practice at the top of their license," stated Todd Eury, Founder & Publisher of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. "With the RXVIP Concierge Pharmacist Movement gaining momentum, the Pharmacy Podcast Network is proud to continue to support the crucial messaging from Ken & his team helping other pharmacists with a thirst for patient care to become advocates for better pharmacy care through the CareONE Concierge platforms," Eury added. "This is an exciting time to be in the pharmacy industry."

"The millions of people already tuned into Helium Radio are potential new PharmD candidates or licensed PharmDs and Pharmacists who want to enhance their career by becoming a provider. Having our course on Helium Radio helps take us to the top of the educational spectrum," stated Jason Cavolina, PharmD and Co-Founder of RXVIP Concierge. "Patients are now listeners of podcasts and have a thirst for information on the new COVID-19 world, so this experiential pathway was developed for those suffering from the chronic disease states that our graduates of the academy can help. The listeners who dial in for our free content on ways to test, trace and use telemedicine to stay alive allow RXVIP Concierge to expand our mission to support our national population health initiatives with these strategic alliances." Cavolina added, "We are setting the stage to deliver evidence-based, expertise-insights, and editorial commentary to the public for the active 300,000 provider pharmacists in the U.S. today. I believe that this new platform is not just the pharmacy profession's top pathway to provider status for students, but now we are positioned to be the leading pharmacy radio information resource for our profession."

For more information on the CareONE Concierge Academy contact ken@lifeimprovementmedia.com or call us at 1-844-MYRXVIP (844 697-9847)


RXVIP Concierge is a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy who are committed to enhancing their roles as healthcare providers. By working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, RXVIP is able to deliver a suite of value-based services at the point of care. These services increase reimbursements and enhance quality measures with the innovative PharmD Concierge program that is setting a new standard of patient engagement.

The program includes training for PharmDs, PharmD interns, physicians, and their staff at no cost to those team members. RXVIP Concierge seamlessly integrates these offerings with zero out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare practitioners looking to add a trained PharmD to serve as their medication expert via telehealth or in the office. Visit www.rxvipconcierge.com to learn more.

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RXVIP Concierge is a network of pharmacists, PharmDs and students of pharmacy who are committed to enhancing their roles as healthcare providers. By working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, RXVIP is able to deliver a suite of value-based services. These services increase reimbursements and enhance quality measures with the innovative PharmD Concierge program. Setting a new standard

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