RXVIP Concierge Announces First Remote Telemedicine Patient Monitoring Residency Program to Help PharmD 2020 Graduates Reduce Student Debt

RXVIP Concierge announced today that PharmD 2020 students graduating from Colleges of Pharmacy and Universities will be matched to the company's first Remote Telemedicine Patient Monitoring Residency Program Immediately.

RXVIP Concierge will be able to deliver an innovative clinical, experiential, educational and training solution for PharmD graduates interested in following career pathways in ambulatory care, hospitals, as well as community pharmacy settings. The course of study, which will be delivered online with class scheduling geared towards collaboration and inter-professional engagement, can accept an unlimited amount of applicants to study a new standard in patient care.

RXVIP will be adapting to the changing climate of COVID-19 as states look to reopen and the healthcare system rebuilds. Initially, all of the patient encounters will be delivered remotely via telemedicine until such time that on-site safety concerns are resolved so that face-to-face, in-person consultations can resume.

Based on the unknown nature of the virus as we move into the fall and approach 2021, RXVIP Concierge PharmD residency participants will have an option of three, six or 12-month intervals to allow them to make plans for relocation easier to manage.  

PharmDs will experience the "Hybrid Care" post-COVID-19 solution, which RXVIP believes will become a part of health care, by signing up for this self-paced e-Learning pathway that will advance their career so that they can practice at the height of their profession. At the end of the residency, participants will be certified as PharmD Concierge Providers who can provide a suite of value-based services as part of the healthcare continuum. 

"The vision of RXVIP Concierge has always been to become a place for Pharmacists and Students of Pharmacy to enhance their role in the health care system by experiencing a paradigm shift in the way we can practice by working right in physician offices,” stated Dr. Jason Cavolina, PharmD, MS and Co-Founder of RXVIP Concierge. “The fact that we now deliver all of our value-based services via telemedicine consultations as a result of a pandemic helps us expand the reach to patients who desperately need our help,” Cavolina continued. “To be able to bring our advanced experiential e-learning solution to market as a residency program, we are continuing our advocacy efforts so that the next generation of Pharmacists can be recognized as Providers,” Cavolina concluded.

RXVIP Concierge will offer positions with a 100% match to PharmDs who receive their diplomas prior to July 1, 2020. They will accept them into the program as long as they schedule their state licensing exam before Dec. 31. Only one state license is required to continue in the program after that date. 

"As an APPE student from the University at Buffalo, I had the pleasure of taking three separate rotations with Ken, Jason and Crystal, so I saw a passion for the profession that was the same feeling I had deep inside me when I started out on my journey to be a Pharmacist,” stated Sophia Lin, PharmD, Class of 2019. “My dream was to be a part of the company to help raise awareness that this concierge approach to health care is a career pathway available for anyone willing to focus on the patient and not just filling prescriptions,” Lin continued. “As a woman who came to this country from China, I feel it is so important now that our profession StandUp2Covid19 as a united health care team from all walks of life so we bring cultures and patient-centric care together to serve the patients who need a Pharmacist during and after this health care crisis," Lin concluded.

The RXVIP Concierge corporate mission is to help every PharmD student from the Class of 2020 at Long Island University (LIU), St. John's University (SJU) and the University at Buffalo (UB) secure a position with its company to start earning money like they would if they were already licensed. RXVIP Concierge's wish is to guide and offer them an opportunity to practice at the height of their diploma now, while they wait for their license. This additional earning potential now will dramatically help them reduce their student debt burden while they join us in fighting the coronavirus.

"As a graduate of St. Johns back on May 20, 42 years ago in 1978, I just felt it was time for me to StandUp2Covid19 and do something meaningful by starting this program at SJU, where my life began as a Registered Pharmacist,” stated Ken Sternfeld, RPh, Chief Pharmacist Officer and Founder of RXVIP Concierge. “I am so proud of my team and the extraordinary efforts plus hard work they have put into the company, as it is their dedication to the profession and the next generation of PharmDs that drives me to work harder,” Sternfeld continued. “My father was a community Pharmacist who was my hero, but sadly, never got to see me graduate from SJU, get married, have children or share the joy of our four beautiful grandchildren. Today, he can look down knowing that his love for the patients in the store he owned over 70 years ago is what fueled my fire to develop RXVIP Concierge,” Sternfeld concluded.  

RXVIP Concierge will accept applications and consider offers immediately so graduates can enter our profession the day after graduation. All applications plus resumes, CVs and cover letters should be sent to Jason Cavolina at RXVIP email: info@rxvipconcierge.com. 

Upon acceptance into our program, PharmDs will be shown how they can easily collaborate with physicians as part of our program. The efforts of the Class of 2020 to bring their medication expertise as trained health care professionals who dispense care, compassion and empathy instead of prescriptions will help patients with chronic disease states and save the lives of tens of thousands of patients. The RXVIP vision is to 'pay it forward' by hiring PharmDs now, so that they will be able to pay off their student debt sooner while becoming needed pillars in their profession in the future.

RXVIP will offer financial support in the form of grants and scholarships for additional student debt relief to reward individuals who exhibit extraordinary leadership skills to assist in the rollout of the RXVIP COVID-19 Patient Safety Testing Program being launched nationwide. Working with leading laboratories and health care suppliers, RXVIP Concierge PharmD graduates from the Class of 2020 will provide antibody and antigen testing for faculty and student safety solutions to Colleges of Pharmacy and University communities nationwide.

The plan also includes developing a safe and scalable solution for family members and staff to provide emotional and medical support for patients across the state who are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. RXVIP Concierge will order and administer needed testing and tracing follow up around those facilities, colleges, schools and in surrounding neighborhoods, plus workplace environments, to help recipients get screened and manage their medications during the healthcare crisis. 

The residency program will be made available to additional Colleges of Pharmacy and Universities throughout the summer as more on-site locations become available to support this new remote patient engagement option for Pharmacists. The goal is to create a sense of normalcy for all levels of educators so that students can come back to school safely in September.

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RXVIP Concierge is a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs, and Students of Pharmacy who are committed to enhancing their roles as healthcare providers. By working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, RXVIP is able to deliver a suite of value-based services at the point of care. These services increase reimbursements and enhance quality measures with the innovative PharmD Concierge program that is setting a new standard of patient engagement. The program includes training for PharmDs, PharmD interns, physicians, and their staff at no cost to those team members. RXVIP Concierge seamlessly integrates these offerings with zero out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare practitioners looking to add a trained PharmD to serve as their medication expert via telehealth or in the office. To learn more, visit: www.RXVIPconcierge.com.​​

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RXVIP Concierge is a network of pharmacists, PharmDs and students of pharmacy who are committed to enhancing their roles as healthcare providers. By working collaboratively with other healthcare providers, RXVIP is able to deliver a suite of value-based services. These services increase reimbursements and enhance quality measures with the innovative PharmD Concierge program. Setting a new standard

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