RWE Holds Live Demo of Lemonbeat for International Experts

RWE successfully demonstrates its new Lemonbeat communication protocol as a universal language for IoT devices - at the annual W3C meeting in Japan


  • 100 experts from around the world watch the live demo of Lemonbeat
  • Lemonbeat impresses experts with error-free operation and arouses great interest
  • Live demo at W3C meeting an important step towards standardisation

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The new communication protocol, Lemonbeat, has proven its strengths in a live demonstration. The presentation in front of around 100 IT experts from all over the world was a great success. It was held at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee Meeting (TPAC 2015) in Sapporo, Japan. This is an important step for RWE towards the standardisation of the "Lemonbeat smart Device Language" (LsDL). The new universal language for IoT devices has been available to the W3S for examination and commentary since September.

"We were able to demonstrate Lemonbeat in a functional context to present it to the experts. We visually displayed the command signals exchanged by the devices," explains the managing director of Lemonbeat, Holger Wellner. The core of the presentation was the fully automatic integration of an additional device into an active device network. The network was reconfigured several times and performed the required functions each time without a single error. This showed that Lemonbeat is a product that is already capable of error-free operation in practice.

With around 100 experts watching, the live demonstration was well attended. It also met with strong support from the audience. Soumya Kanti Datta, Research Engineer at Eurocom/France Telecom and IoT expert commented: "Lemonbeat is very, very interesting." Ari Keränen, Senior Researcher at Ericsson felt the same, saying: "Lemonbeat live demo was very interesting. We want to see more!" After the presentation, RWE took advantage of the opportunity to establish important follow-up contact with several internationally renowned technology companies. "Currently, as far as we know, there is no communication protocol anywhere in the world that is comparable to Lemonbeat," says Wellner.

In November, RWE made Lemonbeat available for developers and manufacturers in North America. At the same time, the company Lemonbeat GmbH was established in Dortmund, Germany. The company is to promote standardisation, acquire new business partners and develop solutions for the application of the new language. So far, the protocol has only been available as preconfigured chips or software licences, which can be used in various devices.

Lemonbeat is a new model for communication protocols that enable different devices to form a network very easily. It is very compact, yet flexible enough to allow it to be adapted to complex applications. This makes Lemonbeat ideal for meeting the challenges of the IoT. As the provider of the home control system, RWE SmartHome, RWE is in familiar territory when it comes to intelligent device communication. Several B2B customers have already started using Lemonbeat.

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