RWE and Gardena Cooperate


  • Gardena uses new device language Lemonbeat from RWE
  • Barrier-free communication for the Internet of Things
  • Gardena smart system links devices using new Lemonbeat protocol

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Developers and manufacturers of Internet-compatible devices can now make use of the new universal Lemonbeat programming language developed by RWE. It enables any device to communicate or work together with another device via the Internet. As a common language for a variety of applications, Lemonbeat represents an important step in the development of the Internet of Things. Gardena, part of the Husqvarna Group and known for innovative gardening tools and watering systems, plans to introduce the first robot lawnmowers that "speak" Lemonbeat onto the market next year.

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In the "Internet of Things" everything is interconnected via the Internet. Many devices can already be controlled in this way, for example through apps on smartphones. In industrial production and logistics in particular, advances in microchips and communication technology have already simplified and accelerated many processes. The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, could interconnect practically any everyday object with another device and with the user. However, until now this development has been hampered by the lack of uniform, secure communication standards - a common language for all. Lemonbeat from RWE could be the key to the solution of this problem.

For communication beyond the system, an "interpreter" has always been necessary to be compatible with the transmission method such as WLAN, Bluetooth or Ethernet. With a universal language such as Lemonbeat, such interfaces would become redundant. It will therefore be possible to develop IoT devices more quickly and cheaply. Such devices would also be easier to connect to other devices, regardless of manufacturer. The first specific product that RWE is offering in this range is a preconfigured chip with the Lemonbeat language already implemented. Alternatively, licences for the software only can be obtained.

As the result of this type of cooperation, the new Gardena smart system is to be launched next spring. "The flexibility of the options for application and the simplicity of the implementation convinced us," says Joachim Heppler, Director of Global Product Management Watering at Gardena. "Added to that was the sophisticated security concept used for Lemonbeat. We place great value on reliable and secure communication." The product series includes two models of robot lawnmower, Gardena smart Sileno, which use Lemonbeat, as well as a watering controller. On the basis of this communication standard, other devices from Gardena are going to follow, making the garden even smarter.

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