Russia & UAE at War With the Libyan People

Gotham Government Relations & Communications Says Russia and UAE Are at War With the Libyan People

A spokesman for Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) pointed to the weekend's attacks by Russian forces in Libya as evidence that Moscow and other foreign forces are driving war crimes and instability in the region.

"The 38 young men killed by drone strikes were cadets at a military college, committed to building a secure and prosperous future for the Libyan people," said Brad Gerstman. "They were part of the GNA's efforts to consolidate and professionalize its military, even while under attack from Russian mercenaries and from Chinese drones operated by the United Arab Emirates."

Gerstman's firm, Gotham Government Relations & Communications, whose clients have included the Trump Organization, represents the GNA in the United States. He noted, "Without their outside patrons, the unelected and unaccountable Haftar forces would be disorganized and ineffective. Khalifa Haftar, who is reprising the war crimes he committed during his days as Muammar Qaddafi's General, might even agree to finally sit down and become part of the political solution for Libya's future. Instead, the past few days have seen missile attacks on Tripoli's civilian airport, which has now been closed, and the murder of so many bright young students, some of them seen in a selfie from earlier that day. These are not the actions of a man who cares about Libya or Libyans."

"The January 3 session of the U.S.-Libya security dialogue reflected Washington's ongoing support for the GNA's program for Libya's future. It says a lot that the U.S. State Department, the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and other bodies have condemned these latest in a series of brutal attacks on the Libyan people."

"The next months will show the resiliency of the Libyan people and the vision and promise of the GNA. In recent calls with foreign leaders, President Trump has insisted on ending the interference by foreign powers, and hopes for an upcoming Berlin summit will largely depend on the U.S. Government's willingness to make that a reality."

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Source: Gotham Government Relations


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