"Runner's Tan Tops": End Those Annoying Tan Lines for Active Walkers, Joggers, Runners and Those That Enjoy Outdoor Activities and Workouts

​Attention females. If you are disturbed by tan lines and found no solution to solving that problem when outdoors running and jogging, walking and exercising, this new top is for you. Uniform skin color is the by-word for this new top especially when preparing months ahead for strapless formal wear. The Runner’s Tan Tops is a line of tank tops boasting a one-side shoulder strap with the top being reversible for wear of the shoulder strap on either side. A version featuring an integrated support bra and detachable straps to create a strapless version is also available. The tank tops are configured for wear by female runners, and including discrete pockets for necessities, the Runner’s Tan Top enable the consumer to avoid visible tan lines on the upper body when exercising outdoors.

The Runner’s Tan Tops ate both functional and fashionable and made primarily of a stretchy, double-stitched and reinforced Spandex, Lycra and polyester blend materials. The friction free fabric is soft and smooth and features a moisture-wicking cooling property to keep the body dry and comfortable when running or exercising.    Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Runner’s Tan Tops.
The Patent Pending Runner’s Tan Tops was invented by Rowena Untalasco of Oceanside, CA who said, “All one needs to do is change the top from side to side, based on your dress or top for that special occasion where tan lines are not wanted. The pockets incorporated into the line have a hidden sealable mesh pocket on the inside seam near the top that will hold a cell phone, MP3 player, IDs, credit cards or even cash.  A side pocket is located on the side seam of the garment and out of sight for additional items. Overall the tops provide security and prevent tan lines for the active outdoor female participant.”

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