Royal CBD Announces Addition of Four New Pure CBD Products to Its Q1 2020 Collection

Royal CBD is pleased to announce it has added three new products to expand its line of pure CBD product for sale. This includes what is now the strongest CBD oil available in its lineup: Royal's 2500mg CBD oil, as well as CBD gummies (now available in 25mg), CBD capsules (improved formula), and CBD topicals (new CBD salve and roll-on gel)

Royal CBD extends its product lineup with high-potency CBD oil (2500 mg) and two topical products — menthol + CBD cooling topical roll-on gel and new CBD topical salve with a warming relief effect. On top of that, the brand has introduced three different flavors to their CBD oils along with a website revamp in celebration of the New Year.

Last year was very productive for Royal CBD. The company has started with just one product — full-spectrum CBD oil —  slowly adding new items to the lineup, such as softgel capsules and broad-spectrum gummies. Now, Royal CBD also caters to consumers who need very high doses of CBD on a regular basis, as well as to those seeking relief from localized problems.

“Since we’ve always focused on using the highest quality of ingredients in our products, our idea was to start with baby steps. We didn’t want to be one of those brands selling everything but the kitchen sink while putting the quality aside. Having only one product in our line up for a few months helped us master the formula, and once we’ve made it to that point, we decided that it’s time to spread our wings and make oral products like edibles and capsules. Now, we take it even further,” says Justin Hamilton, the founder and CEO of Royal CBD.

What’s so special about our newest CBD products in Q1 of 2020?

“Our products are designed for both everyday users and those who need higher doses of CBD in their regime, hence the release of what is now our strongest CBD oil – the 2500mg full spectrum oil from Royal CBD. That’s the most efficient version of our CBD oil that can help with more serious health concerns and provide a longer supply. And since this is a full-spectrum product, we don’t need to sell it in overkill doses. We also thought that it would be a great time to introduce our CBD oil to those users who dislike the natural taste of CBD extracts, so all our potencies are now available in mint, citrus, and vanilla flavors.”

Justin Hamilton also explains why the company launched its line of topical products.

“Much has been said about products like tinctures, capsules, and gummies, but topicals have been unjustly neglected in my opinion, especially when you consider the spectrum of their benefits. While this form of CBD doesn’t produce the same effects as oral and sublingual products, it can have amazing effects on the skin’s health, as well as on localized issues, such as injuries, inflammation, and physical tension. Pain is an everyday companion of many people and CBD can help them with pain management on many levels in a natural way. Our roll-on and salve have been designed for athletes and people living an active lifestyle, but if you’re free to use it if you suffer from any sort of physical discomfort,” explains Justin.

About Royal CBD

Royal CBD is an Anaheim-based provider of ultra-premium 100% pure CBD products for sale. The company specializes in making both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD extracts in different forms, including traditional CBD oil, capsules, gummies, and topicals. All Royal CBD products are sourced from organically grown hemp, extracted with supercritical CO2, and extensively tested in a certified 3rd-party laboratory for their potency and purity levels. Royal CBD is also one of the few companies that offer a reward program for registered customers. If you regularly buy Royal CBD products, you can save on your next purchase by using different levels of discounts depending on how many reward points you’ve earned.

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