Rosin Production Speed Now Rivals That of CO2 Oil

A new rosin press design disrupts the market with increased speed and better terpene retention.

Triminator Rosin TRP Stack

The Triminator, a leading manufacturer of cannabis trimming machines, recently introduced a rosin press designed to double the production capacity of traditional presses.

The new rosin press, dubbed the Triminator Rosin TRP Stack, is the first to incorporate layered platens to create two pressing surfaces for twice the processing capability. With a throughput potential of four pounds per hour, the TRP Stack not only exceeds the capacity of existing rosin machines – it’s also faster than the majority of CO2-based extraction systems.

Because of the triple platen design, you can process one pound of material per press. Four pounds per hour is a conservative estimate for its production speed.

Angel Torrado, Design and Development Senior Engineer

"Because of the triple platen design, you can process one pound of material per press. Four pounds per hour is a conservative estimate for its production speed," says Ángel Torrado, Triminator’s Design and Development Senior Engineer. "And the design is modular – we could eventually add another platen."

The Triminator team worked with real-world rosin extraction artists to understand their needs and concerns. Only after researching the market did they proceed with the product development process.

"We saw other products that were designed to meet the current market demand, but then we saw better ways to do things too," says Heather Laducer, Triminator’s marketing manager. "We want to hear everything our clients are doing, but then give them an even better way."

Keeping up with the increasing demand for rosin is both an opportunity and a challenge for extraction artists. Because rosin is an artisanal concentrate product, quality is a chief concern too.

Triminator acknowledged the demand for flavorful, terpene-rich extracts with the Rosin TRP Stack’s “driptech” design: the pressing surfaces of the machine easily tilt into a vertical position to allow the extract to pour downward. This eliminates the loss of terpenes due to prolonged heat contact.

Beyond the double-stack and driptech features, Torrado is most excited about the design process and future technology that the machine might incorporate.

"We spent a lot of time designing the top plate," says Torrado. "We ran hundreds of FEAs (finished element analyses) on the shape of the top plate to ensure durability and even pressure across the platens. And in the future, we plan to offer other types of interchangeable platens for the machine. There are different potential processes that could incorporate shaped channels into the platens."

Triminator is beginning production of the Rosin TRP Stack in Grass Valley, California, along with another model of rosin press that does not incorporate the double-stacked technology of the flagship product.

For more information on the Triminator Rosin TRP Stack, please contact Heather Laducer, Marketing and Events Manager, at (530)537-3063 or

Source: The Triminator

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