An Evolution of Cannabis Processing

The quest for a perfect trim turns up other benefits - and a new moisture meter.

Triminator Moisture Meter

After an exhaustive search of the market, the Triminator, a leading manufacturer of cannabis trimming machines, has today released its own cannabis-optimized moisture meter to help cultivators get the perfect trim and improve product quality.

“Practically all the issues customers were having with our (dry trimming) machines came down to plant material being too wet,” says Gary Fast, Triminator’s northwest regional sales manager. “Growers didn’t have any way to test if they were ready to trim, and it’s hard to describe over the phone.”

Practically all the issues customers were having with our (dry trimming) machines came down to plant material being too wet.

Gary Fast, Regional Sales Manager

Fast’s fieldwork with customers sent him searching for a way to standardize moisture measurement so that everyone – regardless of their cultivation expertise – could get optimal results from their trimmers. So after testing myriad moisture meters, he found a hand-held unit that provided the best accuracy and consistency when testing plant material. Triminator then further customized it for the cannabis industry.

Beyond improved trimming performance, growers are reporting other benefits from precision moisture monitoring. By assessing their crop throughout the drying process, they’ve achieved a more controlled cure and have thus maximized the retention of cannabinoids and terpenes.

“It’s not just the more experienced growers who can judge the curing process anymore – the hourly wage guys can tell how it’s drying too,” says Fast. “That means grow operations can really monitor and control the curing room. Customers can test every day and anticipate their ‘trim days’ in their workflow.”

The new moisture meter uses two small prongs to test cannabis bud on or off the plant and has a simple LED display for easy reading. The best practice for a quality cure is a slow, 1 percent moisture reduction per day. Cannabis is approximately 30 percent water at harvest; a 10 percent moisture level is ideal for trimming.

Surprisingly, the technology that worked best for cannabis was also one of the most affordable. The price point of the Triminator moisture meter makes it attainable to home growers and pros alike.

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