ROOM8 and Google Street View Trusted Agency LCP360 Announce Partnership

COVID-19: Finding Apartments and Roommates in a Virtual World


ROOM8, a technology company optimizing co-living through roommate matching and apartment search services, announced that it has partnered with Google Street View Trusted Agency LCP360 (Lights, Camera, Pixels) to streamline its in-app experience with virtual apartment tours.

Through this partnership, ROOM8 and LCP360 will provide a new level of sophistication to the rental home search experience, including immersive 360 virtual tours, drone photography, and built-in virtual meetings with leasing professionals. LCP360’s proprietary application, Panoskin, customizes Google Street View virtual tours for communities to create an enhanced experience designed to engage and convert prospects. ROOM8 will soon display Panoskin virtual tours in its app.

People and organizations around the globe are working together to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. For many renters, the importance of an ideal home has never been more important when they have to adapt all daily activities to their apartments. More renters are turning to virtual experiences when it comes to renting apartments during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why LCP360 has partnered with ROOM8, the latest co-living app, popular among Millennials and Gen Z, to streamline the apartment search with roommate matching, all virtually.

"We are excited to be partnering with ROOM8 to enhance apartment listings through the integration of Panoskin virtual tours," said Wojciech Kalembasa, CEO of LCP360. "ROOM8's approach to the apartment search is aligned with current trends, which should prove extremely valuable for our current and future customers. Because there is a significant need for digital content across multifamily, this partnership will allow property management companies the opportunity to improve their quality of leads. At the same time, users can enjoy a transparent and exceptional in-app virtual experience."

"It is our shared belief that the apartment search should be an experience that provides peace of mind and fun," said Jessica Chen, CEO and Co-Founder of ROOM8. "Having roommates to share housing costs is an effective way of making rents affordable in this uncertain time. By leveraging LCP360's virtual experiences, ROOM8 users can now fully immerse themselves into the apartment and community safely and conveniently through their mobile devices. For multifamily operators, virtual experiences enable property tours in a time of 'social distancing' and result in higher quality leads."

While the process of co-living and finding an apartment can have its ups and downs, ROOM8 users and LCP360 customers can now seamlessly utilize the companies' combined resources for a safe and positive housing transition.

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ROOM8 is a data-driven company with an AI heart, helping renters on their path to the perfect rental. We've put our signature roommate-matching technology to work, streamlining the rental experience and improving fair and equitable access to affordable financial tools. Matching with roommates and discovering the ideal home from our highly curated inventory of rentals has never been easier. Without hoops or hassles, ROOM8 has taken the stress out of finding your next home, letting renters start living better lives sooner.

About LCP360

LCP360 is one of the largest Google Street View agencies in North America, specializing in capturing content for national portfolios. LCP360 displays the photography and virtual tours on Google Street View and their new product, PanoskinTM. Panoskin is the new Street View Trusted platform used to showcase space and improve SEO and online presence.

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