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Roof racks

4WD Supacentre's it has been common knowledge for many years that a solid touring 4WD isn’t complete without a reliable set of roof racks. For many years, a reliable 4WD roof rack system (along with much of the necessary accessories) were well out of reach of the everyday 4WDer, until recent years.

With the introduction of affordable roof racks from 4WD Supacentre filling a long desired void in the market for a durable, heavy duty set of roof racks that could take the punishment of long-range offroad driving, without breaking the normal gear budget that many of Australia’s 4WD community can afford.

The range on offer at 4WD Supacentre includes Single Cab Ute RacksHalf-Length Racks, and 3/4 length roof racks, and full-length rack sizes. All of this variety offers a complete wrap around perimeter bar to help contain cargo while giving plenty of locations to tie gear down.

Also on offer are a range of Flat racks, which completely eliminate the wrap around bar section. The benefit of a roof rack system that doesn’t have an additional wrap around bar, is the lack of interference with vehicle roof clearance.

Many city dwellers find the extra clearance offered by a steel flat roof rack, are essential to entering many underground carparks in shopping centers and apartment buildings.

Also on offer at 4WD Supacentre are a sturdily constructed Tradie Roof Rack which features 2 support rails that are perfect for holding building supplies in place and give additional support to assist tie-down straps.

The Full-Length Steel Roof Rack offers a massive 500KG load rating, which is tested to meet the strict Australian Standard AS1235-2000.

The final steel roof rack on offer in the lineup at 4WD Supacentre, is the Roof Top Tent Rack, offering a supreme location to mount an Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Tourer or Adventure Kings Weekender Roof Top Tent with a majority flat area.

The whole range of Steel Roof Racks offers a tough wearing powder coating to protect the entire steel construction. Offering better corrosion resistant properties than similar painted coatings powder coating is literally baked onto the steel making it one of the toughest corrosion resistant coatings available.

The whole range has been designed to fit easily onto older fashioned rain gutters that run the length of the vehicle, while specific mounting kits have been developed for specific models of vehicles including 100/105 series LandCruisers, Prado 120, Prado 150, and 200 series.

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