Rockpoint Legal Funding Sponsors Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) Legal Support Staff

Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) and Rockpoint Legal Funding aim to extend CAALA membership to non-attorney members.

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​​​​The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles Association (CAALA) in efforts with Rockpoint Legal Funding aims to extend CAALA memberships to non-attorney members in creating the “CAALA Legal Support Staff Group.” For the first time in it’s history, CAALA is launching a series of 4 seminars throughout the year targeted specifically towards Legal Support Staff which started with its first seminar earlier this year on March 8 2016.

With membership priced at $50 per annum, non-attorney members are allowed access to the webinars, mixers, and information sessions that were previously only extended to attorney members. Legal Support Staff members also have access to an exclusive non-attorney listserv, where members can collaborate, connect, and share their experiences in an effort to strengthen the ties within the legal support staff community. Rockpoint Legal Funding is the sole sponsor for the entire series by fronting costs, local exhibiting, and marketing campaigns all executed with the intent of signing up new members.

Many non-attorney members are the true users of our pre-settlement funding platform.

Ramtin Ghaneeian, President

“Teaming up with CAALA to increase more membership for this extremely important organization,” says Rockpoint President Ramtin Ghaneeian, “It's a great way to extend Rockpoint’s reach, while providing service and adding value to all facets of the legal community, from attorneys, to paralegals, receptionists, and law clerks. CAALA does it all, and we’re happy to play an integral role in the development of the CAALA Legal Support Staff group.”

With CAALA reaching more than 2,800 members, it has become the nation’s largest local plaintiff’s association for attorneys and non-attorney members. Within 6 months, supplemented by Rockpoint Legal Funding's mass marketing and grassroots campaigning, CAALA’s Legal Support Staff membership has nearly tripled and is continuing to grow. Rockpoint Legal Funding recognizes a strong synergy with Legal Support Staff as “many non-attorney members are the true users of our pre-settlement funding platform,” says Ramtin Ghaneeian.

Rockpoint Legal Funding provides non-recourse cash advances to personal injury plaintiffs on a lien basis. Often mis-referred to as ‘lawsuit loans,’ ‘case advancing,’ or ‘settlement loans,’ Rockpoint’s advances are non-recourse. This means that Rockpoint does not require credit checks, plaintiffs do not make monthly payments, and their advance is only collateralized by the value of their case. Plaintiffs maintain the same contingency values as the attorneys who represent injured parties: “No recovery, no Fee.” Rockpoint is a Los Angeles based legal funding company that’s continuing to grow and serve injured plaintiffs.

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