"Rocket Spin": Tool Design Makes This Device a Productivity Plus

Tools are the key to success for all users. This new device will increase productivity and reduce the risk of cuts and damage to one’s hands when screwing or tightening bolts in racks, cable trays or any other threaded rod. Rocket Spin is an offset drive-adapter designed for use with an electric drill. Designed for tightening and loosening nuts on all-thread and other lengthy, threaded rods, the Rocket Spin has a wide application in many construction-related trades; thus, useful for electricians, HVAC installers, tradesmen in the construction industry, automotive mechanics, do-it-yourselfers and more.

Rocket Spin, fabricated in tool-grade steel, is approximately 7”L x 2”W x 2”D.  Rocket Spin has at one end, a 1/4- or 3/8-inch drive-shaft, the terminal end of this shaft having a geared, swivel-head which transmits the rotary motion of the shaft to a second drive-shaft, oriented at 90º to the first. The second drive-shaft, offset at right-angles to the first, will, through another set of rotating gears, drive an open-ended, box-style socket which contains the nut being tightened or loosened; and this socket rotates at right-angles to the main drive-shaft, allowing the all-thread or other threaded rod to pass through the tool's 1-inch opening, and permitting the user to move the nut all the way down the all-thread, under the drive-power of the drill. Rocket Spin offset drive-adapter will eliminate the need to use a manual crescent wrench or open-end wrench to tighten or loosen a nut on a length of all-thread or other lengthy threaded rods or studs, such as those used with applications such as racks and cable trays. Rocket Spin is equipped with several interchangeable sizes of “sockets” – essentially a faceted steel ring like the head of a box-end wrench – and the tool can be used to drive nuts and bolts in a wide variety of situations where a straight-drive drill would have no access. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Rocket Spin.
Rocket Spin is Patent Pending and was invented by Erwin Monroy of Los Angeles, CA who said, “I have been in the construction industry for the past 15 years and a rudimentary way of doing such tasks has been in place all that time, until now.  Rocket Spin contains sockets in standard sizes (which is what I have always used) as well as metric, which most mechanics use. Rocket Spin is small, durable and allows a user to safely work in tight spaces.”

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