RoboUP Launches the Ultimate No Perimeter Wire RTK+AI Robot Lawn Mower

Today, the robotics experts at RoboUP announced the launch of the most intelligent and precise robot lawn mower ever created that delivers the perfect lawn with a hands-free experience. Using cutting-edge technology, AI intelligent design, and convenient app control, RoboUP revolutionizes lawn care for busy people. RoboUP is available now on Kickstarter:

Accuracy is the key to effective robotic lawn maintenance. RoboUP uses AI boundary real-time recognition to automatically measure and profile the full area of the user's lawn without the need for expensive perimeter wire installation. RoboUP utilizes DEPS (Dynamic Exact Positioning System), which is a self-developed proprietary technology that integrates RTX, VSLAM and IMU navigation to achieve Cm-level positioning accuracy even in complex terrain while working within the established virtual boundary of the lawn.

With AI "Smart Eye" technology, an on-board camera detects boundaries to handle variable terrain in real time, even in areas with poor or no GPS signal. The visual AI camera will recognize and avoid obstacles and stop cutting immediately if people or pets are nearby, even at night. An advanced self-planning route algorithm maps mowing routes with ultra-efficiency that eliminates repetitive motions to provide an impressive triple-mowing efficiency compared to conventional robotic mowers, and the system can maintain separate mowing areas, add connecting paths and maintain cutting schedules that make healthy lawn maintenance effortless.

"Everyone loves the beauty and usefulness of a healthy green lawn but nobody likes the difficult task of mowing. That's why we created RoboUP, the most powerful and precise robot mower ever created. Our team of robotics experts applied next-gen technology and our self-developed Dynamic Exact Positioning System that gives the mower the ability to precisely and continually determine its location in real time without the need for expensive perimeter wiring. Powered by a connected intelligence system for maintaining the proper cutting schedule that takes into consideration the different conditions of the yard, and easy app control, the RoboUP system is the most effortless way to develop and maintain a healthy and lush lawn all year round," said Zheng Xu, RoboUP founder.

Powered by a maintenance-free brushless motor, RoboUP can traverse all types of terrain and climb up to a 45-degree slope. The mower is smart home-compatible and integrates with Alexa or Google Assistant for voice commands. Made for the ultimate in lawn care convenience, RoboUP is super quiet during operation and has a rich suite of features that make it the perfect choice for great-looking lawns, including Auto-Recharge, Rain Detection, and an Anti-Theft alarm with GPS location.

RoboUP applies the latest technology and AI automation for the most efficient and effective automatic lawn mowing available on the market. Now everyone can enjoy the beauty of a perfect lawn. RoboUP is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

Source: RoboUP